First Thoughts on Delta


I’m not much into speculation or trying to guess where a story is going, so I’ll limit myself (mostly) to this episode. I thought it was fun and exciting, with a number of “Wait… did they just DO that…?” moments.

I think it’s going to turn off a lot of old-school Macross fans (indeed, it already has) who want something hardcore and gritty. Although, let’s face it, there was plenty of grit in this episode, with a suicide bomber, Destroids fighting Regults, and capital ships going kablooey. But clearly, the “Unreachable Borderline” is going to be Walküre with their magical-girl-ishness.


Me, I like that it’s getting a little daring and I like that it’s willing to be a little silly.And the action scenes were pretty amazing, and made me feel like this show is in good hands. As did the songs, which I really liked.

I don’t think it’ll be anywhere near as big as Frontier was, but I really hope that it’s successful. I think to be successful, though, it’s going to have to find a new audience, since even in Japan, old Macross fans seem to turning against it.

Macross Seven taught me a long time ago to not have (m)any preconceived notions of what a Macross story is or isn’t, and I’m not about to start. But if they can keep the show as good as this first episode, I think it’ll be a fun ride.


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