ICONIC SCENE: Bridge Triangler (although we don’t know it yet).

STORY DATE: The second soundtrack’s liner notes place it in 2092…

RELEASE DATE: August 21, 1992

1. Okay, let’s step back a bit and talk mecha… Among old-school Macross fans in the west, Kouchi Ohata and Kazumi Fujita’s Valkyries for Macross II seem to be insanely popular, and I can’t quite figure out why. They seem a serious step back from even the VF-4. Back in the early ’90s, when I first looked at the designs, I found them rather dull: only differing from VF-1s cosmetically. Same transformation, just no longer looking like an F-14. Pretty generic. And heck, this was before Plus and Seven were even announced, both of which showed just how different Valkyries could be from the original.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate them or anything, I’m just not sure why fans go so crazy for them.

2. For some reason, this episode is extremely blue. It’s almost like someone put a colored filter over the camera. Apparently, this has been corrected for the blu-ray (isn’t it ironic? Don’cha think?), but I haven’t seen that yet.

3. The TV mentions “NUNS,” for, I guess, “New UN Spacy,” same as Frontier. And there’s the advertisement for the Moon Festival, which seems to have something to do with the idea that fighter pilots are celebrities in this world. That in itself is an interesting idea, but one that never gets developed, really. It’s just something you notice with a bit of surprise, and then just have to accept for the rest of the series.

4. The exterior of the Macross may look a lot different than it did the last time we saw it, but the interior is ALMOST the same, especially when they show Minmay’s stage area from the movie.

5. Look, I’ll be blunt. I’m not even halfway through this series, and IT’S BORING. I’m not sure what the problem is yet. Is it the script? Is it the direction? Either way, there is no “Wow Factor” here. This episode tries, with the Moon Festival, but doesn’t quite pull it off.

6. Oh wait, it’s Wendy Ryder, obviously named after Winona Ryder, who was kind of big at the time. Wendy’s songs are okay. But let’s (again) step back a bit and look at the music. It’s good. I like both soundtracks. But it weirds me out a bit about how both of them sound like Evangelion music. And yes, there’s a good reason for that… Same composer. Of course, Megazone Parts One and Two have the same composer as well, and that music sounds nothing like this.

7. Likewise, I’m weirded out by the idea that the staff decide that since the “Idol Boom” was over, so they wouldn’t have an idol singer main character, but they throw in an idol singer anyway. Sure, she’s not important, but she’s still there… And the Mardook want to capture her.

8. I know the Metal Siren is supposed to be amazing, but it doesn’t thrill me.

9. When people say that that the problem with this show is that the main character isn’t a military pilot, I don’t quite know what they mean. Hibiki flies twice in three episodes. Isn’t that enough?

10. I’m struggling to figure out why this is so uninteresting. The characters lack interest, the fight scenes lack tension… are those the reasons…? I’m not sure. But at this point, all I can say is that I don’t care about Sylvie, Wendy, Hibiki, or Ishtar.


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