ICONIC SCENE: The best thing in Macross II, besides long-haired Ishtar.

STORY DATE: Oh, who knows, really?

RELEASE DATE: October 22, 1992

1. This episode was done by Masami Obari himself, which accounts for how different it looks from the other episodes (and also why it’s better).

The characters end up looking somewhat off-model from the classic Mikimoto style of the previous episodes, but that’s apparently how Obari wanted them.

2. So Ingues comes to the Earth sphere. Yawn. “Oh, no! Help! We’re doomed!” Yawn. The Mardook leaders look impressively freaky, though.

3. Hibiki has apparently become a guerilla journalist, interrupting reruns of Thunderbirds to bring us his footage. Even D-Boy from Tekkaman Blade is interested!



4. The top brass are idiots, which is kind of the idea. But they’re not shrewd idiots, like they were were in SDFM. Those guys had a genuine reason for refusing to allow the Macross back, and for thinking they could defeat the Zentradi with the might of the Grand Cannon alone. These guys are just overmatched and really don’t know what they’re doing.

I do love that everyone has floppy disks, though.

5. And FINALLY, we get the “Macross Cannon.” Four Zentradi battleships attached to something like a Macross body. I understand why they wanted to keep these secret until the end, but honestly, they should’ve brought them out at the beginning. Although it unfortunately doesn’t get to actually DO much before getting destroyed.

(Apparently, the Macross II RPG severely underestimated how massive these things were. And that’s just one of MANY errors the game reportedly contains.)

6. Nexx goes out in the Metal Siren. It still doesn’t impress me. What DOES impress me, though, is the Gigamesh, which seems to be able to rip Valkyries apart without breaking a sweat. It might possibly be the most powerful alien power-armor in all of Macross…?

7. As I said, thanks to Obari, this episode has more tension and excitement than the last four episodes combined. Really. It’s not Itano, but it’ll do in a pinch. It’s kinda too little, too late, since I’ve already lost patience with this series, but if I had gone ahead and watched this episode back in ’93, I might’ve had a better overall impression of the series then.

8. We also see some glimpses of the might of the year 2090 (or 2092)… the destroids, and the Gerwalkroid… Again, though, the designs don’t thrill me. They seem too much like just streamlined and simplified versions of things we’ve already seen.

9. Feff is kind of a badass now. He’s quite willing to kill his own men if they disagree with him. Admittedly, his advisor WAS just about to kill Ishtar…

10. So, yeah, this one’s mostly battle, very little character stuff. As such, it’s good. But, look… I get why someone who watched the first series would start pausing it, trying to go through frame-by-frame, wondering what a lot of these little in-jokes were, and really starting to wonder who made it and why (I mean, that’s what I did, right?). But even in this episode, I can’t imagine anyone here doing the same. Nothing is bad in this series, but nothing is really good, either. It’s all just okay. Kinda bland. But better than Episode 4, that’s for sure.

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