7 Ep.7


ICONIC SCENE: Cruel summer.

STORY DATE: March 2045

BROADCAST DATE: November 27, 1994

1. For the first time, we DON’T open with Geperunitchi (or at least, his voice actress) narrating the history of Macross. This one just starts with clips from last episode. Then we open on the resort ship Riviera. Yes, that’s right… it’s that beloved stock anime story, the beach episode. Although this one’s pretty different from most.

2. Fire Bomber’s gig is kind of hilarious, since they end up playing in what looks like a rather elegant restaurant, whose customers seem rather appalled by the loud rock show going on before them (later, it turns out that they loved it, though).

3. When they hit the beach and Mylene comes out in her bikini, the camera is very definitely ogling her. Just putting that out there. (Honestly, though, the bikini isn’t that much more revealing than her usual stage outfit…)

Add to this the fact that Michael is rather blatantly checking her out, and it’s rather ooky.

4. Mylene and Gamlin have a kinda/sorta date, and Mylene has to keep up her lie that she’s in school. But really, considering that she never really wanted to be introduced to Gamlin in the first place, I wonder why she’s going to the trouble to make up a story like this for his benefit.

At least they can find common ground in being totally fed up with Basara.

5. And again, when the enemy attacks, they go right for the ship that Fire Bomber’s on. At least here, it’s hinted that they’re probably going by the readings of Basara’s spiritia level.

6. Amazingly, the battle scene this episode has a fair amount of new footage, including the enemy fighters launching a bunch of missiles, and a VF-11C transforming to battroid and firing its gunpod.

7. And then Gamlin sees Mylene talking to Basara. This confusion will basically define their relationship throughout the series.

8. And then in another scene that MIGHT be a Plus reference (possibly… although, again, Episode 2 of Plus wasn’t out yet, but I’m sure it had at least been scripted and storyboarded by this point), Basara and Mylene run thought a hall with security doors closing before them. Basara doesn’t pull a Guld and jump under one of them, but, to be fair, these doors are A LOT bigger and heavier than the one Guld nearly got crushed by.

9. And then everything freezes. The still scenes of the beach areas covered with ice are exceptionally well-painted. And the attention to detail on things like Basara and Mylene’s visible breath, and their shivering, really does give an impression of coldness.

Also, the VF-19 gives the first Pinpoint Barrier Punch we’ve ever seen from a Valk.

Oh, and this episode starts what will become the norm, where instead of the sound fading out as we get the “to be continued…” shot, it cuts abruptly. This will be used to pretty great effect as the series goes on, and it’s one of my favorite little touches in the show.

10. So yeah, the formula gets bucked a bit here in that Basara doesn’t actually go out and sing and the enemy. It’s also visually one of the most distinctive and accomplished of the early episodes.

FLOWER GIRL SIGHTING: Hanging out in the back of the restaurant that Fire Bomber is playing at.

7 Ep.7f

EYECATCH: The Riviera’s bridge bunnies (Rivi Donen and Ella Fitzgerald)/Basara

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