7 Ep.9


ICONIC SCENE: kill yr idols.

STORY DATE: April 2045

BROADCAST DATE: December 11, 1994

1. Moving apace, the “Planet Dance” single has been released (wait… in Episode 4, weren’t people listening to it on their boomboxes…?), and has hit a whopping 194 on the “Gallacon” charts (a play on “Oricon,” which is basically the Japanese equivalent of the Billboard charts). If, though, as the name suggests, “Gallacon” covers the entire galaxy network, it seems to me that 194 is pretty damn good for a band that hasn’t even done a tour beyond its own fleet. I mean, the Valkyrie is still the gimmick, but it’s a hometown gimmick only, so far. No one on any of the other planets or emigration ships has any idea of who Fire Bomber is. The fact that they’re charting at all is breathtaking.

Of course, if the Gallacon chart only covers the Macross 7 fleet, then that’s a pretty terrible number for a band with such buzz around it right now.

During this scene of the band checking their equipment, Basara is singing “Remember 16,” the first song past the initial group of six songs produced for the series. From here on out, Fire Bomber’s set list will get more variety.

And they launch into “Sweet Fantasy,” also making its debut in the show, although it was released about a month previously as the second track on the “My Friends” CD single (and hey, isn’t it amazing how Basara can get the “backwards guitar” effect out of his instrument…? 2045 guitars are AMAZING!).

(Again, at this point in the broadcast, all you could get of music from the show was the two CD singles: “Seventh Moon”/”My Soul for You” and “My Friends”/”Sweet Fantasy.” The first Macross 7 album, “Music from Galaxy Network Chart,” whose selling point was, I’m sure, “Planet Dance” and “Totsugeki Loveheart,” wouldn’t come out until late January.)

2. Mylene is pretty upset about their supposed lackluster showing on the charts, and tells Basara that if they don’t have a hit, they’ll be stuck in a “mayonnaise rice lifestyle.” First off, mayonnaise rice (with Japanese mayonnaise, that is) is actually pretty good, and second, what does Mylene have to worry about? She’s got a big apartment, a sports car, a different outfit for every episode, and her parents are the leaders of the whole fleet. She’s rich… why’s she upset? Whereas for Basara, mayonnaise rice is probably a step up.

3. Hey, remember CD shops? Well, there’s one here: “Disc Nana.” The manager doesn’t want “Planet Dance” played in the store, saying it’ll ruin the store’s reputation, and replaces it with the smooth, easy-listening styles of Alice Holiday. Funny, then, that there’s a Deep Purple poster behind him…

4. And lo and behold, Alice Holiday HERSELF is shopping in the store! We’ve never heard of her in the series before, but she’s obviously a big celebrity. That said, her song, “Galaxy,” kind of sucks. They should’ve splurged and gotten a real string section.

For those who bought the “My Friends” single the month before, though, the name “Alice Holiday” would ring a bell, since in the interview with Mylene, she mentions Alice as her favorite singer.

5. And this time Mylene is the one who walks out on the band, apparently permanently.

And Ray actually for once gets ANGRY at Basara for being such a single-minded dolt.

Mylene, for her part, ends up hanging out next to a statue of a little devil boy taking a piss, and then runs into Alice Holiday, who eventually gets her spiritia sapped by vampires, but not, apparently, all the way…? She can still speak, but just seems extra-depressed and lethargic.

6. It starts raining and we see sprinklers on the “roof” of the ship, but really, City 7 is big enough that it would have its own precipitation, and wouldn’t need artificial means like that.

And it looks like Mylene’s car doesn’t have a top…? What if she needs to go to one of the other ships in the fleet, to say nothing of driving in the rain…?

7. Ultimately, it turns out that Geperunitchi’s plan is to study spiritia regeneration, which of course ends up happening due to Mylene’s singing.

8. It also becomes really clear at this point that Tomo Sakurai, Mylene’s voice actress is not doing Mylene’s singing. That would be Chie Kajiura, just at Yoshiki Fukuyama does Basara’s singing (and guitar) while Nobutoshi Canna (formerly Nobutoshi Hayashi) does Basara’s speaking voice. The thing is, for whatever reason, this fact was not mentioned for a long time. I think it was finally revealed publicly at the first Fire Bomber live concert in May of 1995, but I’ll talk about that later.

9. Then the enemy outright attack, trying to kidnap Alice Holiday, and it all goes much as before, with Basara getting into the Fire Valkyrie and singing at the enemy. They retreat, and Alice performs the following evening (ending her concert with a heavily-accented but sincere-sounding “Thank you, thank you! God bless YOU!”).

10. Okay, I’ll be honest… the Macross Seven plot formula is being to wear on me a bit. Also, the stakes seem awfully low in these early episodes, as the enemy is more of a small nuisance than a real threat. I know this is all by design and that these first twelve or so episodes are mostly just an introduction before the plot really gets moving, but yeah… I found this episode a little tough to get through.

FLOWER GIRL SIGHTING: Buying the “Planet Dance” single at Disc Nana.

7 Ep.9f

EYECATCH: Alice Holiday/Mylene



  1. I really don’t think Galaxy “sucks” its one of my favorite Macross songs and plays an important purpose in the series. By the sound of the song, and her name, I believe they were going for Diana Ross/Donna Summer 70’s AM soul sound, with I believe her last name is reference to Billy Holiday. City7 is clearly stuck in the era of the mid 1970s-early 80’s, an era where Diana Ross and Donna Summer were the ruling Diva’s of popular music. Because City 7 is stuck in the 1970’s it would be correct for the ship to have an untouchable 70’s “Idol Soul Diva” in the vein of Ross/Summer that the population seems to admire. The character of Alice Holiday is a great detail that is often overlooked. I also liked the tone of the episodes she was in, they always brought a level of bittersweet levity to the series and Galaxy captures that sadness very nice.


  2. I can understand the frustration. By episode 8 of the original series, a whole lot of stuff had already happened. But if you wanted to compare it to a similar 4-cour show, like G Gundam, which was airing at the same time, by episode 8 of that series a lot had happened as well. All the major characters had been revealed, a few other Gundam fighters had been met as well and the true plot of the show had been revealed as well, that Domon didn’t just have to win the Gundam Fight but had to face his brother and the Devil Gundam.


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