THE GREAT MACROSS REWATCH 61 – Fighting Female Mayor Milia

7 Ep.14

EPISODE 14: Fighting Female Mayor Milia

ICONIC SCENE: The Immoral Dr. Chiba

STORY DATE: May 2045

(Some of the episodes had different titles initially, which were changed during production. These are printed at the end of the Fire Bomber Roman Album. When they come up, I’ll put them here. In Macross 7’s case, it looks like the titles were meant to keep up the original series’ reliance on two-word English titles for much longer than they finally did.)

BROADCAST DATE: January 22, 1995

1. Looking at Milia’s VF-1J’s hands, it seems to have been turned from a movie-style Valk last time into a TV-style Valk this time (movie-style battroid hands are more angular than TV-style).

2. So City 7 has folded off to parts unknown again (not even THEY know where they are), and the enemy plans to assassinate Basara (calling him the “abnormal Chord-C Spiritia… at least, I’m pretty sure it’s a “C.” The enemy is this show pronounces English letters oddly. For example, “C” is pronounced “say” and “G” is pronounced (no snickers, please) “gay.” I have no clue if that’s supposed to mean anything or not).

3. This is the one I always think of as the “Spinal Tap” episode, as in “If I told them once, I told them a thousand times: put ‘Spinal Tap’ first and ‘puppet show’ last.”

At the beginning of the episode, they play an old folks’ home, and towards the end, they play at a kindergarten.

4. The old folks’ home is fun, although it seems like it’s a little too early for Space War I veterans to need a nursing home. The three guys who are a little TOO taken with Mylene turn out, of course, to be a Destroid Monster crew, and I like to think they’re the same team that we saw smashing the floor back in Episode 27 of the original Macross (hey, there were only, what, three Destroid Monsters aboard the ship? So we’ve got a 33.3% chance of them being the same).

The gig is played for laughs, of course, showing the retirees rocking’ out to Fire Bomber… but, honestly, in the real world I could totally imagine people born in the ’70s and ’80s (as these people would be) still enjoying a good rock song in 2045.

5. Meanwhile, back on Battle 7, Gamln is a little TOO obsessed with “The Lynn Minmay Story” and trying to figure out why Mylene (with whom, again, he’s only gone on a couple of noncommittal dates) lied to him. I realize that sexual jealousy can be a powerful force for attraction (and, indeed, obsession) but, again, it seems like it’s early enough in any burgeoning relationship that Gamlin could just cut ties with her and be fine. If she’s playing head games this early on, and he’s this upset about it, I don’t care how cute she is, she’s not worth it.

Not that (ahem) I speak from experience or anything…

We also find out that “The Lynn Minmay Story” has even less respect for history than we thought, as the narration claims that Minmay ended the war by flying into battle along with Hikaru inside his Valkyrie.

6. And now, suddenly, Dr. Chiba (who, again, was introduced way back in Episode 2) becomes important. Chiba has noticed that “Planet Dance” seems to be helping the spiritia-drained victims, and invites Gamlin to his quarters to explain it. When Gamlin arrives, Chiba is decked out in a ridiculous costume, and his room is plastered with Minmay posters.

He explains his theory of “song energy,” which, let’s face it, is pure bullshit, only there to make Sound Force possible later on in the series. I guess it’s kinda like Macross’s version of midichlorians, but since it’s just a plot device here, and never gets brought up again in further Macross shows, I let it slide.

7. There’s a shot of the kindergarten kids that Fire Bomber is playing for, with quite a lot of little jokes and (probably) cameos by staff members.

8. When the guy who set up the show calls the song “Clarinet Chance” and calls Basara an acrobat, Basara almost walks off, but then the enemy conveniently attacks, he kinda has to go out to draw them away from the children.

9. And then Milia flies in and rescues Basara. And it turns out that while Basara may be an excellent fighter and battroid pilot, he has no idea how to fly a gerwalk.

They drive off the enemy, and, as a bonus, actually capture one of their pilots (who gets off a shot at Milia, hitting her in the leg).

10. So yes, one of the biggest mysteries that’s been lurking around since the beginning of the series, namely the identity of the enemy, looks like it’s about to be revealed, although we’ll find that it’s not as simple as that. Also, I note that Mayor Milia says her signature line, “Who are you calling an old lady!?” here for the first time.

Really, there’s a lot that happens here. The show is definitely beginning to move faster, and it’s a welcome change of pace.

FLOWER GIRL SIGHTING: Among the old folks, and later, among the kids.

7 Ep.14f

EYECATCH: Basara/Milia


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