7 Ep.15

EPISODE 15: A Girl’s Jealousy


STORY DATE: May 2045


BROADCAST DATE: January 29, 1995

1. Outer space around City 7 is blue again… is that a mistake, or are they back closer to the galactic center?

2. The pilot they captured last episode has become completely unresponsive, acting exactly like the spiritia-drained people of the Macross 7 fleet… and then the DNA analysis comes in showing that he’s (GASP!) human.

3. Meanwhile, there’s a carnival that Milia’s hosting. It looks fun, but there’s an ulterior motive: she’s trying to find pilots for City 7’s defense. Although… I get that people are allowed to own Valkyries and destroids… but the Monster pilots can have live ammo…? I dunno, it’s weird and doesn’t make much sense, but it makes from some of the most awesome background shots in the entire series, with clown-colored Valks and destroids fitted with drills and things.

4. Those Monster pilots, by the way, are the same three guys from the retirement home last episode. Again, I really hope that they’re the same guys we saw in the original series.

5. When Mylene tries out to be a Valk pilot, we see a sheet listing her interests and favorite foods, although I assume they mean “fencing” and not “fenching.”

I note that we never see her DOING any of these things or eating these particular foods, though…

Anyway she gets disqualified by Milia and arrives back in time to see Rex’s gang fawning over Basara… hence the title of this episode.

6. To take out her frustrations, Mylene practices so much that she even wears out Veffidas (whose name, by the way, and I probably should’ve said this before, isn’t pronounced at all like it’s spelled… “Vee-hee-da” is much closer).

We also get a snippet of a full Mylene version of “Planet Dance.”

And then she sees Rex and Basara leaving his apartment in the morning… Seriously, Mylene, you needed worry. Basara is only interested in two girls, and neither of them have been introduced yet…

7. The bit where Michael has to spell out why Rex would’ve spent the night at Basara’s is kind of awkward. Does Milia know he’s talking about sex to Mylene…?

8. Okay, the enemy attack this time actually makes a lot of sense. Noting that so many of City 7’s Valkyries are collected in one spot, they come to take them out.

9. There’s even a tribute to the scene of the Monster stepping forward and destroying the deck of the Daedalus, although here its foot just sinks into the dirt.

And, um, I hope this carnival is happening on a holiday, and that there was no one in the office building that they blow up…

Rex gets into Milia’s Valk (which inexplicably turns into a 1A briefly). She gets shot down quickly, but Mylene takes over, and does a pretty damn good job of taking out the enemy, until Basara stops her.

10. So yes, a lot is happening in the story now, along with the nostalgia-service of the Valks and destroids. If the first cour of the story was meant to disorient us and smash expectations, the second seems to be trying to be a real crowd-pleaser so far.

FLOWER GIRL SIGHTING: She starts to approach Basara at the festival, but Rex’s gang arrive to pull him away before she reaches him. Later, she’s first in the bleachers at the concert.

7 Ep.15f

EYECATCH: Sally & Miho/Basara


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