7 Ep.17



STORY DATE: July 2045

BROADCAST DATE: February 12, 1995

1. Another new beginning. While a mostly instrumental version of “Seventh Moon” plays, we get an introduction to the main ships of the fleet, the main characters, and the general situation at this point.

2. We then move to an icy planet we’ve never seen before, where Gigil, with a huge contraption on his back, fires a massive amount of spiritia into some kind of huge icicle, which wakes up our third “bad guy,” Sivil. First time viewers obviously won’t know what the hell is going on, and it’ll still be a while before they find out, but this is where the long-standing question of who the aliens are, exactly, begins to get answered.

And she rockets off immediately to City 7.

3. Huh… Mylene doesn’t seem to believe that Fire Bomber’s music woke Hayakawa up. I know she’s being positioned as the dissenting voice, but this seems to be going a little TOO far.

4. “Remember 16” gets its full debut this episode, as the song Basara is working on specifically to get Hayakawa’s memories back to him.

5. The conversation between Gigil and Geperunitchi must be mystifying (again) to first-time viewers… that Gigil woke Sivil but didn’t have enough spiritia to bring back Geperunitchi or himself…? Wait, aren’t they already awake? As always, everything will be made clear much further down the road.

6. Sivil’s attack is one of the most badass things in the series so far. It starts simply, almost like a horror movie, as she ambushes a patrol vehicle, and then when the advance battleship from Battle 7 arrives, she rushes in and just tears the living shit out of it. It’s awesome.

7. And it’s been a bad time for Diamond Force… Physica got killed last time, and Kinryu gets spiritia-drained here. In a very weird scene, Gamlin almost does as well.

8. And then Sivil meets Basara, and utters the immortal line, “Anima Spiritia.” The REAL love story of Macross 7 starts here.

Still, after apparently orgasming due to Basara’s extremely high spiritia, Sivil runs away. The media misunderstand and now view Basara as the hero who drove the enemy off.

9. And there’s an epilogue to the Physica story that actually gives it a lot of retroactive emotional resonance, as Gamlin approaches Physica’s wife and son in order to deliver the music box, only to discover that there’s as new man in their life. Even if Physica had made it back, it wouldn’t have been a warm welcome.

10. So yeah, this is one of my favorite episodes of the series. While I wish that the design for Sivil (and the rest of the Protodeviln) looked a little scarier, there’s no denying her strength. Right here, we’ve got a power that the Unified Forces can never beat. Victory isn’t going to come from the military here.

FLOWER GIRL SIGHTING: Watching the monitors as Sivil approaches Basara.

7 Ep.17f

EYECATCH: Basara/Sivil

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