THE GREAT MACROSS REWATCH 65 – Falling Little Devil

7 Ep.18

EPISODE 18: Falling Little Devil

ICONIC SCENE: Dammit, Gamlin…

STORY DATE: July 2045


BROADCAST DATE: February 19, 1995

1. This episode starts with a dream sequence that seems meant to deliberately invoke Episode 17 of the original Macross. Mylene’s on a rock in space, Basara is comatose, floating near her, Gigil moves to grab Mylene, and Gamlin, shouting “Gamlin kick!” comes to her rescue.

The sequence only lasts about a minute, and doesn’t really have much to do with the rest of the episode, but it’s cute.

2. The problem for Gamlin now is that he feels useless. One team member killed, one drained of spiritia, and he couldn’t even come close to defeating Sivil.

And the fact that Basara is now being hailed as the hero of the fleet is the real insult.

So Gamlin does the only thing he can… puts on his fabulous orange shirt!

3. Meanwhile Ray has been analyzing Basara’s music, and thinks he’s isolated what affected Sivil. That makes absolutely no sense, but okay…

4. Communications is briefly restored between City 7 and Battle 7, and Milia is extremely harsh to Max. Even when he asks if Mylene is all right, her response is that he should come and talk to her himself. Ouch, woman… that’s low.

5. Gamlin ends up having a long talk to Ray, who explains that Basara and Mylene are precisely in synch with each other musically (oh, THAT’S not gonna make Gamlin jealous…), and even gives Gamlin a free ticket to the next Fire Bomber gig.

It really is amazing just how damn square Gamlin is… Again, he’s frightened of rock music.

6. He’s a little overwhelmed at the concert, although it looks pretty tame compared to some of the shows I’ve been to. Still, Mylene sees him, and that’s the important thing, right?

7. Sivil attacks, leading Gigil’s troops, so of course Basara heads out. Gamlin wants to, as well, but his VF-17 still isn’t repaired after the major damage Sivil inflicted on it last time, so he goes out… in Milia’s VF-1J.

This won’t end well.

8. The enemy attack is also rather novel, since they position their battleships around City 7 and plan to fold, taking the city with them when they do.

Battle 7 arrives and pushing Gigil’s flagship out of the way, but it’s still not enough to stop City 7 from folding away, although it throws off the coordinates somehow.

9. And Sivil stops to orgasm in front of Basara again. Gamlin TRIES to get her, but only ends up getting Milia’s Valk blown up.

And Sivil herself goes into shock and ends up inside City 7.

10. So yeah… as you can tell, I don’t have much to say about this episode. Gigil’s plan to fold City 7 is good, and Battle 7’s arrival is pretty great. Those and Milia’s Valk getting taken out are the highlights here. Along with Gamlin’s orange shirt.

Not bad, but a slight let-down after the awesomeness of the previous episode.

FLOWER GIRL SIGHTING: At the concert, standing next to Gamlin.

7 Ep.18f

EYECATCH: Sivil/Fire Bomber


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