THE GREAT MACROSS REWATCH 68 – Ladies’ Temptation

7 Ep.20

EPISODE 20: Ladies’ Temptation

ICONIC SCENE: It’s about damn time! Go, Basara!

STORY DATE: July 2045


BROADCAST DATE: March 5, 1995

1. Huh… in the opening bit, explaining the story to us, the Macross 5 Fleet is mentioned for the first time… talk about sneaky… They’ll become important later on.

2. And then we hear “Holy Lonely Light” for the first time. The opening of which is virtually identical to the Megadeth song, “Skin O’ My Teeth.”

3. In a bit of a “look how far they’ve come” moment, Fire Bomber is playing at Katasumi Park, the same place they performed in Episode 1. Except now the crowd is easily triple the size. Yes, I know part of of it simply to reuse old animation, but it’s still a nice reminder of where Fire Bomber began.

4. Rex is on her way to the Fire Bomber gig and is suddenly worried about going too fast and causing an accident…? What kind of motorcycle gang is she running here? Maybe the girls are right and she’s in love…

And then she gets possessed by Sivil. It seems like kind of a random power for her to have, but we’ll learn later that it’s integral to who the Protodeviln are and how they operate. And in fact, the possession scene here is so vaguely done (we don’t see it happening at all), that, if it weren’t for her occasionally glowing eyes, we might not realize what’s happened at all.

5. Back at Battle 7, the military VF-19 finally makes its debut. It’s still a far different thing than Macross Plus’s YF-19 (and very different from how it will look in Emerald Force colors), and still looks a lot like Basara’s version, but it’s here at last.

In  addition, Dr. Chiba has “cured” the pilots from the attack back in Episode 1, including Docker, who will turn out to be something of a jerk.

6. In a very brief, unexplained scene, Geperunitchi finds the (here, unidentified) Macross 5 Fleet. This will become very important later on.

7. And Basara ends up falling asleep on the battlefield… Luckily, it doesn’t happen until the enemy leaves.

8. Usually that would be the climax for the episode, but here the battle ends almost as soon as it starts, leaving us with Sivil/”Rex” as she tries to investigate Basara. It’s hard to know what Sivil really plans to gain out of this. She’s coming on to him, mostly, but then when he starts singing, she can’t take it and runs away. Mylene of course gets the wrong idea.

9. Let’s face it, most guys start rock bands in order to get girls. Basara’s utter lack of interest in sex fits with his character, I guess, but it’s pretty hard to believe. I’m guessing he’d be a less sympathetic protagonist if we saw him having orgies with groupies and such, but still… It’s not like he’s all that sympathetic, anyway.

10. So yeah, not as good as the previous episode. Not filler, exactly, but not really pushing the story forward all that much. Plenty of seeds for later episodes are planted here, though.

FLOWER GIRL SIGHTING: In the crowd as Fire Bomber plays Katasumi Park again. “Rex” steals her bouquet and presents it to Basara, who ends up throwing it back into the crowd.

7 Ep.20f

EYECATCH: Fire Bomber/Sivil

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