7 Ep.21

EPISODE 21: Dangerous KISS


STORY DATE: July or August 2045


BROADCAST DATE: March 12, 1995

1. There seems to be a bit of cross-promotion here, since in the show, it’s announced that Fire Bomber are working on their first album, when, in real life, they were probably just finishing it up.

2. In a second attempt to get close to Basara, Sivil takes over Akiko’s body. And yes, in doing the same plot twice in a row, this is pretty much the textbook definition of a filler episode. It’s not without its moments, though.

This time, it’s the opening scream on “Holy Lonely Light” that hits her with the Anima Spiritia stick.

3. Okay, I was kinda joking before (although it’s a common joke) that Basara’s music is giving Sivil orgasms, because the expressions she gave earlier very well could’ve been pain, as well, but there’s no mistaking it here: Akiko grabs hold of herself and her cheeks flush. This is not agony, this is something quite else.

4. Geperunitchi demotes Gigil and promotes one of the brainwashed humans to his place… that’s gotta hurt. No matter. Gigil ends up killing him before the episode is over.

5. Milia, not one to waste tears over spilt VFs, tries out the VF-17. Later in the episode, she has a red one, which I assume is Kinryu’s…?

6. Sivil/”Akiko” blows in Basara’s ear while “Idol Talk” is playing in the background. I’m sorry, I don’t care HOW sexless Basara is, ANYONE would respond to THAT… and not by swallowing wrong, as Basara does.

The way “Akiko” talks here makes me assume that when Sivil possesses someone, she gains access to their memories and basic personality as well, but I’m not sure if the writers really thought about it that systematically.

7. Max briefs the brass about the situation thus far, with Irina Hayakawa being recovered and identified, and the appearance of Sivil. Exsedol thinks the word “Protodeviln” to himself, but says nothing.

8. Again, it’s always fun to watch Milia in battle, even when her moves are just normal VF-17 stuff from previous episodes, but colored red instead of dark blue. A number of the shots are new, though.

9. Weirdly, the Sivil/”Akiko” stuff doesn’t get cleared up and resolved this episode. Yes, the second cour episodes are less discrete and self-contained than the first cour’s, but it’s odd that something like this would be left as a cliffhanger.

10. So yes, it’s filler, and if the series had been compressed like the first Macross series had, I’m sure this would not have warranted an entire episode to itself. And yet, I can’t hate it. Still, like Milia’s VF-17, and “Akiko, you’re stepping on my hot dog,” there’s enough to like here that I don’t really mind.

FLOWER GIRL SIGHTING: Selected by Sivil for possession, but then knocked out of the way by other Fire Bomber fans, and Sivil ends up focusing on Akiko instead.

7 Ep.21f

EYECATCH: Sivil and Akiko/Milia and her VF-17

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