THE GREAT MACROSS REWATCH – Totsugeki Acoustic Loveheart

7 PLUS 2

Charging Acoustic Loveheart

ICONIC SCENE: Flower Girl Sighting.

RELEASE DATE: March 25, 1995

Saturday, March 25 was a busy day. the “Macross 7 Docking Festival” drama album came out, and so did Volume 2 of the TV series, containing episode 5 through 8, and this short clip. The slowed-down, acoustic version of Totsugeki Loveheart played here is lovely, and it’s disappointing that it never got an official release, beyond appearing on a special give-away CD as a promotion for the movie (a CD about which I’ll have more to say later).

The artwork on the short is really nice, although it’s hard not to notice that there are an awful lot of still shots, and not much actual animation. But that works here, with the slow ballad and the sort-of narrative of Basara going off on a journey… it almost seems like snapshots of his trip. Although he’s never shown getting back, and he actually gives away his guitar at some point… so, um, is this happening after Dynamite, or is it some kind of prequel…? If the latter, then the Flower Girl’s been chasing him for a long time…

Oh, and about Docking Festival, as I said in the previous entry, it’s mostly comedic, but the booklet for it has a lot of ideas about what happened to the original Macross characters after the first series ended, some of which has become completely accepted (like Yot-chan becoming the owner of Nyan-Nyan and making it a galaxy-wide chain) some less so (like the three Zentradi spies becoming alcoholics who curse “devil culture” while mooching off Rori’s wife, Vanessa (yep, THAT Vanessa), who runs a small bar). Anyway, it’s interesting stuff.

FLOWER GIRL SIGHTING: Inside the train Basara is riding on top of.

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