7 Ep.24


ICONIC SCENE: Sound Force attacks!

STORY DATE: September 2045


BROADCAST DATE: April 2, 1995

1. At the beginning of this episode, we see a shot of Basara’s apartment building. Before, the Fire Valk was always hidden behind a wall, but now that Sivil destroyed the wall, the Valk is clearly visible.

2. We also see that Sivil is basically cocooned in some kind of energy bubble in the forest. Now, much further down the road, we will learn that the Protodeviln were sealed away by the power of anima spiritia… I’m guessing this is what happened here…?

Anyway, she’s going to be like this for a while.

3. Gamlin gets promoted, and gets a new assignment… protecting City 7. It’s by Milia’s personal request. Diamond Force is disbanded, and Docker’s Emerald Force in their VF-19s will take over Diamond Force’s old duties, and will protect Sound Force. Gamlin seems unsure whether this is a step up or down for him, and I confess I’m not sure, either.

Docker doesn’t make things any better by being an absolute jerk. It’s kind of a shock considering how upset Gamlin was when Docker was first attacked in Episode 1.

(Oh, and the script for this episode is peppered with English words, way more than usual. Docker uses “charming” and “cute,” Basara talks about “feeling,” Gigil calls Geperunitchi a “narcissist.” It’s really odd.)

A bit later, it turns out that Diamond Force isn’t REALLY being disbanded. Gamlin is now its leader, and he gets assigned two subordinates, Dick and Morry. Shinichiro Miki, who plays Dick, would later go on to play Allen Schezar in Escaflowne, and Kenichi Suzumura, the voice actor for Morry, will go on to play Shin in Macross Zero.

After that, Gamlin visits Physica’s grave, which, weirdly, only says “PHYSICA,” rather than his full name, “Physica S. Fulcrum.” No, I’m not making that name up.

And at the end of the episode, even though Gamlin doesn’t know it, it turns out he was selected for City 7 patrol, not as a demotion or punishment, but because Milia asked Max for the very best pilot he had.

4. Sound Force isn’t turning out to be the free exercise anyone thought it would be, but instead, everything from their flight plan to the sequence of songs will be rigidly decided upon beforehand. I get the distinct feeling that this is a little jab at the music industry (in Japan, of course, but it works worldwide), where musicians seem to be able to do whatever they want until the record company enters the picture and starts controlling everything. And Basara, naturally, is having none of it. It’s really only Dr. Chiba stepping in and agreeing with Basara that makes any kind of difference.

5. It’s kind of amazing that Fire Bomber can pull off a “guerilla live” street concert and only have a few people show up. No one heard them? Or called their friends to check it out?

6. There’s a strange bit where Mylene claims that Gamlin isn’t the type to bite into a whole apple, and then is rather horrified when he does. I guess that’s bad manners…? I don’t know… I never saw anyone eating apples in Japan…

7. Max and the bridge bunnies talk about having a relaxing vacation when they reach Planet Lux. That should be a warning sign right there…

She also gives him a good luck charm. They actually made a this as merchandise. I saw it once, and passed it up, and have regretted it ever since.

8. It’s weird to see VF-19s launching from the same catapults that Diamond Force used to… just as it’s odd to see the full Sound Force flying together instead of just Basara.

The battle doesn’t go well, overall. Basara and Mylene keep arguing, as do Docker and Gamlin. However, Gamlin ends up destroying Gigil’s battroid, and THINKS he’s killed him… although an escape pod reaches City 7. Also, we hear Mylene singing parts of “Holy Lonely Light.” The duet version would take quite a while to be released.

9. Mylene and Gamlin go on a date to some amusement park, and ride the merry-go-round, which Gamlin’s never been on before. I enjoy the detail of Mylene riding sidesaddle.

10. A bit slower than the previous two episodes, but still good work. Again, it’s all primarily setting things up for the climax of this part, which is coming very soon.

FLOWER GIRL SIGHTING: Watching Fire Bomber on a giant monitor. Gamlin bumps into her accidentally.

7 Ep.24f

EYECATCH: Gamlin/Gamlin (this is the first episode where both eyecatches are the same shot).


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