7 Ep.25

EPISODE 25: Late-Night Duet

ICONIC SCENE: “Hey Babe, nice… speakers.”

STORY DATE: September 2045


BROADCAST DATE: April 9, 1995

1. It’s kind of amazing that Gigil can walk through the streets without attracting undue attention, considering that he looks thoroughly bizarre.

I note that one of the signs he passes says “BOOKS ASAHIYA.” That was (is?) a chain of Japanese bookstores. They actually had a few in the US, and one in the Little Tokyo Mall in Los Angeles, which was the best place to get J-Pop CDs and manga (Kinokuniya, a few blocks away, was better for anime books). It closed down, unfortunately, some time in the early 2000s. I never saw one in Tokyo, so I have no idea if the chain still exists at all.

There’s another sign he passes, saying “YODOBASI CAMERA,” and THAT chain is certainly still around. And another saying “MACROSS BANK,” which I’m sure never really existed.

2. Sound Force absolutely cannot get it together, and really, with a guy like Basara, it’s no wonder. In a cute move, their formations are named after notes and chords.

3. And Gigil finds Sivil. Apparently, the forest she’s in is in a separate pod that’s connected to City 7, but seems not to be really part of it. We find out later that it’s the agricultural plant.

Gigil tells his men to go out and collect as much spiritia as possible, which leads to a scene of comatose bodies lying all over the place. Seriously, if they couldn’t be revived, the show would be fuckin’ GRIM.

4, Gamlin takes Mylene to a rock concert, and mentions he’s been getting into rock music recently. That Gamlin, always living dangerously…

It doesn’t matter, though, because he never gets to see it. Gamlin gets called for patrol duty on the way there.

5. After Dr. Chiba’s treatment, Akiko is now fine. Ray seems unwilling to tell her she was a little TOO friendly with everyone while she was under Sivil’s possession.

And she has a plan for a big hit record: a duet between Basara and Alice Holiday. They’re singing “For Now, a Friend” from Macross II, although you never actually get to hear more than the opening sax, and Basara running through the lyrics quickly.

It’s doomed to fail, of course, but Akiko’s plan is that if it does, it will at least improve Fire Bomber’s teamwork.

The scene where it falls apart is not well-directed at all, really, having to cut around the fact that they were unable or unwilling to actually make even the beginning of a Basara/Alice version of the song. They play the intro, and it cuts, just as Basara begins to sing. Then it goes back later, and everything’s just silent, the duet idea having not worked. Akiko looks shocked, but there’s no clue as to what she’s reacting to.

6. Gamlin is stationed on a hill in his Valk (how is he supposed to pick up vampires on his radar…?), and Mylene comes in hers to join him. And she’s awfully flirty with him, which makes him extremely uncomfortable.

7. Mylene, to Gamlin’s chagrin, utters the immortal line, “But his personality aside, I think Basara is a good vocalist.”

8. The enemy attacks, and the Mylene Valk shows its true ability… BOOB SPEAKERS. Yes, its breast panels open up to reveal speakers underneath. This is pretty obviously a tribute to the Aphrodite A robot from Mazinger, which has breasts that are actually missiles. She almost fires some missiles (which are located, like Basara’s, in the legs), but decides to keep singing instead.

Also, the police mecha show up, but honestly, they seem more like something out of Orguss than Macross… basically redesigned M-Lovers. They get taken out pretty quickly, too.

For the first time, Fire Bomber’s song actually seems to be affecting all the enemy pilots except Gigil. I guess having the whole band out there flying really DOES make a difference.

9. And then the fleet folds to Planet Lux. The episode ends as the they are trying without success to contact the Macross 5 Fleet.

10. Not the greatest episode. There are so many still shots in it that it was clearly done quickly and cheaply, although I note that not much of the battle footage was recycled. But yeah… this is the calm before the storm.

Also, this is the first episode I ever saw subbed, from a fansub tape of Vol. 7 of the series that I picked up at a con. It was rather gratifying to know what everyone was saying after about a year of not knowing.

FLOWER GIRL SIGHTING: She arrives at the studio just as Fire Bomber is leaving. She gets out of a taxi, Basara and the others hop in, and just before they roar off, Basara hands her her bouquet, saying, “You forgot these.” This is probably my favorite Flower Girl bit in the whole series.

7 Ep.25f

EYECATCH: Alice Holiday/Mylene

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