THE GREAT MACROSS REWATCH – Street Fighter Veffidas Feaze

7 PLUS 3

Street Fighter Veffidas Feaze

ICONIC SCENE: I wonder whatever happened to Veffidas’s cat…?

RELEASE DATE: April 25, 1995

The third of the Macross 7 P*L*U*S shorts (included on Vol. 3 of the series (episodes 9 to 12) on VHS and LD) is about Veffidas (and again, that’s the official spelling, but it’s not really how you pronounce her name, which is more “Vee-hee-da”), and sets up a mystery that will always remain one. We see her past, as a great expert in hand-to-hand combat and martial arts, and the narrator (Veffidas’s (and Akiko’s… and Kate’s, in Macross Plus) voice actress, Urara Takano) asks why she left that life to become a drummer, adding, “She doesn’t talk about it.” And she never will, unless for some reason Macross 7 gets some kind of new revival (not impossible, but unlikely) and they decide to address it there.

So it’s mostly just an excuse for showing off her bodybuilder physique and some cool (if short) fighting scenes.

Now, if I were as thorough as I often pretend to be, I would be able to tell you exactly which song each drumbeat comes from (there are about eight in the entire short, pretty much one for each scene), but I can only identify a few of them confidently (“Holy Lonely Light,” “Sweet Fantasy,” and of course “Planet Dance”). Oh well. I’m sure someone somewhere has catalogued it.

(I remember an old Geocities-type Macross 7 homepage, “Macross 77077,” which for a while was the only dedicated Macross 7 site in English on the net that wasn’t just a “character shrine,” at least that I found, and the author there said something like, “If you’re a real fan you’ll be able to identify all of them!” I concluded that I must not have been a real fan, then, but I suspected that the author didn’t know either, or else he would’ve put that info on the site.)

Anyway, not much depth, and not really necessary for enjoying the series, but it looks cool. I wonder if there were people who had, say, been taping the show off of TV, but felt compelled to buy the video tapes because of these shorts? And would buy them and immediately fast forward to end of the tape to watch them? Did they ever feel disappointed for dropping fifty bucks on a two-and-a-half-minute short film? I wonder, because after this, the P*L*U*S shorts do start digging a little deeper into the pasts of the characters and the story, and start seeming a little more important. Most of them, at any rate.

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