THE GREAT MACROSS REWATCH 77 – Papa, Mama, Love Again

7 Ep.29

EPISODE 29: Papa, Mama, Love Again


STORY DATE: October 2045



1. Okay, the narration just spills it all: that Sound Force is really the culmination of the secret “Project M.” All the hints were there, but they never really put the pieces together in a tidy way before. And it’s kinda lame that they reveal it through narration, but there ya go. Why does Basara have a VF-19? Because Ray gave it to him. How did Ray get it? Max gave it to him. Why does Max care? Because he’s secretly funding Project M, studying the effect of music on aliens.

2. I love Mylene’s disguise for chasing Basara… trenchcoat, hat, and sunglasses. Even Gubaba has sunglasses of his own. Of course, the punchline is that Michael sees right through her disguise, and doesn’t even realize that it IS a disguise.

3. A little bit of weirdness later on, as Mylene dresses up in a very slinky, expensive-looking outfit to go out to dinner with Max, and everyone thinks she’s his mistress, rather than his daughter. It doesn’t help that she’s totally acting like a floozy out with her sugar daddy.

4. Mylene’s ulterior motive is trying to get her parents back together. It kinda works, but not really. Later, Max and Milia’s argument gets broadcast to everyone in the city, so, uh… yeah…

5. Gavil and Glavil go out for an attack… and his time, Glavil’s got earmuffs. And yes, they make that joke in the show itself. Well… they say “earplugs,” but close enough.

5. Huh… the Fire Bomber concert appears to be being held of the deck of a carrier. That’s an odd place for it…

6. Knowing where Sivil is now, and having her as a captive audience, Basara, it turns out, is going to sing to her every night. Here, we get the debut of “Submarine Street,” which is kind of his anthem for Sivil in the same way that “Remember 16” was written for Irina Hayakawa.

7. Max and MIlia thankfully, break off their argument long enough to give Mylene a pep talk and snap her out of her funk.

8. I gotta admit, as much as I like both “Holy Lonely Light” and “Pillow Dream,” they don’t work well together. Still, it’s powerful enough that it destroys the earmuffs.

9. About that, though… in many ways, Macross 7 is often the same thing over and over, and it’s nice that right from his second appearance, Gavil is trying to figure out ways to counter the attack from Sound Force.

10. Another episode about which there isn’t much to say, honestly. Not bad by any stretch, and quite good in parts, but again, we’re at the beginning of one of the story blocks, and we’ve got quite a bit of way to go before we reach the climax. So yeah… set-up, set-up, set-up, and little else, really.

THIS EPISODE’S GAVIL-ISMS: “Invention beauty,” “protective gear beauty,” “invention beauty” (again), “My ____ beauty” (he gets cut off before he finishes that sentence).

FLOWER GIRL SIGHTING: In the audience at the concert.

7 Ep.29f

EYECATCH: Max and Milia/Shine and Fine Brockingletts (why…?)


One thought on “THE GREAT MACROSS REWATCH 77 – Papa, Mama, Love Again

  1. Max is lucky this was the future as envisioned from 1994/95, because if this was 2045 as seen from 2017, he and Mylene probably would have had people taking pictures of them on their smartphones and loaded up to whatever City 7’s version of Facebook, Tumblr or Instagram is. Max might even have got the cops on him.


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