THE GREAT MACROSS REWATCH 81 – Betrayal and a Girl’s Tears

7 Ep.33

EPISODE 33: Betrayal and a Girl’s Tears

ICONIC SCENE: The flower from Sivil’s plot of land…

STORY DATE: November 2045

BROADCAST DATE: June 4, 1995

1. Interestingly, the opening narration titles name the VF-17 and the VF-19 for the first time: “Stealth Valkyrie” and “Blazer Valkyrie.” Just like the toys say!

2. So now Basara is trying to figure out exactly WHY he’s singing… just like Minmay did before him. This’ll take a few episodes to sort out.

3. And Mylene successfully follows him to the vegetation plant this time. And then she sees Sivil, and FREAKS THE HELL OUT. Honestly, I don’t blame her.

4. They mentioned it before and we saw it briefly a couple of episodes ago, but I like that the cars can use their flying ability to cruise over the sea to go from ship to ship. Here, we see Mylene doing so (although we’ve never seen her flying in space, since, y’know, her car doesn’t seem to have a roof…), as she travels to Battle 7. She even gets splashed here.

5. And she spills the beans about Sivil to Max, just as Colonel Burton is walking past. Of course, being a total dick, he takes matters into his own hands. So to speak.

6. Basara decides to take the Fire Valk to wake Sivil up… I guess it’s a good thing the military already knows where she is, or else, wouldn’t they learn now…? From him…?

And then there’s just a gaping hole in the ground where she was.

Basara, by the way, isn’t terribly environmentally conscious, knocking over trees as he walks through the vegetation plant. SOMEONE would notice that (and the Valk footprints), I’m sure.

7. Basara and Gigil each think the other has taken Sivil, and Gigil eventually grabs Mylene and holds her hostage until Basara takes him to wherever Sivil’s being held. Luckily for Mylene, it’s pretty sure to be somewhere inside Battle 7.

And Burton is quite willing to let Mylene die in order to hang on to Sivil. He… may have a point… but he’s not going to endear himself to either Max or Milia this way.

8. And Basara suddenly bursts out with the debut of “Power to the Dream.” Burton shoots at Gigil and gets him in the eyepiece, but doesn’t hurt him (man… does Burton want Mylene dead or WHAT…?), Gigil unloads the spiritia he’s collected at Sivil, and the combination of that plus Basara’s song FINALLY wakes her up.

9. Gamlin punches Burton out when the Colonel confronts Basara, and it’s well-deserved, honestly. The guy’s a jerk.

And later, Mylene leaves the hospital to explain everything to Basara, but it’s too late. He’s gone.

10. As I mentioned over the past few episodes, we have built up a certain status quo for the storyline now that the fleet has reached Lux, and this episode gleefully tosses that out the window. We’re not at the climax for Part Three of the overall story, but we’re getting closer. Good stuff.

THIS EPISODE’S GAVIL-ISMS: None at all! Not-appearing-in-this-episode beauty!

FLOWER GIRL SIGHTING: Walking down the street at the end of the episode.

7 Ep.33f

EYECATCH: Basara/Sivil


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