7 Ep.34

EPISODE 34: The Day Gigil Sang

ICONIC SCENE: You’re a civilian now. Stop that.

STORY DATE: November 2045

BROADCAST DATE: June 11, 1995

1. Again, the narration at the beginning comes out and explains something that’s only been hinted at, that Geperunitchi’s body is not his real body, which still sleeps on the fourth planet of the Varauta System.

2. Fire Bomber has their first Basara-less concert. There’s one shot that’s especially good that makes the stage seem huge and empty, reflecting Mylene’s feelings. And I guess either the guitar parts are prerecorded, or else Ray’s covering them (as Spinal Tap keyboardist Viv Savage said when asked if he could take Nigel’s guitar parts as well as his own keyboard parts, “Oh yeah, of course. I’ve got two hands here”).

3. And Basara himself is wandering through the desert in his battroid, upset that it wasn’t his power alone that woke Sivil.

4. Geperunitchi has mostly been pretty tolerant of the other Protodeviln doing their own thing, but now he says he needs to kill Sivil before she messes up his dream. Gavil volunteers to take her out, and Geperuntichi suggests he take Valgo with him. Gavil doesn’t want to, and generally, it really seems like the Protodeviln aren’t much into teamwork.

5. VEFFIDAS SPEAKS FOR THE SECOND TIME!! “Basara won’t come back. Not until he finds something.”

Ray then suggests to Mylene that she goes after him. This is virtually the same as Dynamite 7, isn’t it… (or vice-versa, I guess)? Including watering the plant that Basara left behind.

6. We start to get a three-way battle among Gavil, Valgo, and Gigil… it really seems like most of the Protodeviln really don’t like each other. Except of course that Gigil is in love with Sivil. Eventually, Gavil and Valgo team up against Gigil, which raises a question… like Geperunitchi, Gigil is inhabiting someone else’s body… if that body dies, does HE die? Later evidence will suggest that it doesn’t work like that, and you’d think Gavil would know that.

And again, Valgo’s attacks would probably seem more impressive if they weren’t all the same color as cotton candy.

7. Gamlin’s in the brig, as punishment for having punched Colonel Burton. Milia visits him, and he resigns. She mentions that Mylene has flown off to find Basara, and offers him his VF-17 as severance pay. Wink.

8. Finally, Gigil’s battroid is heavily damaged, and he’s wounded, and, as the title promises, he starts singing “My Soul for You.” It surprises Gavil and Valgo enough that they let him go.

9. Glavil finds Basara, and Gavil tries to capture him, and then Mylene shows up. Kind of like the vampires in the early episodes, Gavil and Glavil allow Basara and Mylene to have a chat while they stand around and do nothing for a minute or so. I really kind of hate scenes like this.

Anyway, Mylene’s singing gets strong enough to take care of Glavil, and Gamlin shows up and – for the second time – switches out his ammo pack and blows up Gavil’s battroid.

And Basara doesn’t sing, nor does he come back.

10. So yeah… not great, not bad… an average (but important) episode. It still feels like set-up, rather than a satisfying episode in and of itself. And yes, I’m having to push myself a bit to get through the series right now.

THIS EPISODE’S GAVIL-ISMS: “Conquest beauty,” “true beauty,” “never-ending sleep beauty,” “Gigil has his own kind of beauty, devotion beauty,” “mysterious beauty,” “capture beauty,” “how dare they sully this beauty.”

FLOWER GIRL SIGHTING: At the very beginning of the episode, waiting in line to see Fire Bomber, and then at the concert itself. Without Basara there, she’s totally not digging it.

7 Ep.34f

EYECATCH: Mylene/Basara

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