THE GREAT MACROSS REWATCH 84 – Men’s Passionate Song

7 Ep.36

EPISODE 36: Men’s Passionate Song

ICONIC SCENE: “Could Mohammed move that mountain or was that just PR?”

STORY DATE: December 2045

SCENARIO TITLE: The Resurrection Called “Danger”

BROADCAST DATE: June 25, 1995

1. A-HA! Basara has a dream in which he’s a child with a guitar, singing at a mountain. Because it’s a dream, though, Sivil’s “UUUUUU!” shriek rings out and suddenly Basara becomes an adult, with Sivil on top of the mountain, but here it is: Basara’s goal, and the reason for his singing.

They just don’t explain it yet.

Anyway, Sivil gets away from him in the dream, and he wakes up and launches to try to find her.

Weirdly, while the last episode ended with Basara walking off alone again (naturally), this episode begins with him camped out with Gamlin and Mylene. But yeah, that doesn’t last long.

2. More Jamming Birds training is next. Colonel Burton is really trying his best to whip them into shape, and it’s totally not going to work. I looked for Bobby among them and didn’t see him, so maybe he still hasn’t recovered from their last sortie…? Or else he quit.

3. Basara’s dream looks like it might have been prophetic after all… he sees a giant mountain-shaped cloud on the ocean and goes to investigate it. It makes the Fire Valks systems go haywire and the engine cut out. And inside the cloud is, indeed, a volcano and a massive projection of Sivil. The show has always been weird, but it’s about to get weird in a completely new way.

4. Of course Gigil is waiting for him. As I said before, this is the true love triangle of the series.

Because of “energy faults,” their battroids have to climb up the mountain, hand over hand, each trying to get to Sivil before the other.

5. While Mylene is looking for Basara, she’s softly singing the song “Fall,” a song from the “Second Fire!!” album. It’ll turn up properly in a few episodes.

6. Basara grabs the wrong rock, and falls down the side of the mountain. Gigil first moves on, but then has an attack on conscience and goes back to help him. Additionally, in a close up, we can see that the bullet is still lodged in Gigil’s eyepiece from when Burton shot him back in Episode 33.

7. Anyway, using the wondrous power of cooperation, they manage to reach Sivil. Kind of. She’s still sinking into the volcano, but I honestly don’t think she’s in any danger. Again, way back in Episode 22, Gigil was hoping that City 7 would be destroyed from the star it was falling into, because then Sivil would come back. The Protodeviln are virtually indestructible (I’ll go into this in excruciating length later, because it seems to evade a lot of Macross fans).

8. With the mountain crumbling around them and Sivil slowly sinking, Basara and Gigil BOTH start singing “Power to the Dream.” And Sivil wakes up.

Her first word? “Basara!”

Love triangle RESOLVED!

9. Mylene and Gamlin arrive just as the volcano sinks completely into the sea. For a few beats, it seems like that’s it, but then, rising from the ocean, emerges AN ANCIENT PROTOCULTURE CITY!

NOW this show is getting somewhere!

10. And it only took 36 episodes to do so. Seriously, I love this show, and when it’s good, it’s wonderful… but it totally could’ve been tightened up a bit. Even this episode, great as it is, seems overlong. But the next couple are going to be AWESOME.

THIS EPISODE’S GAVIL-ISMS: Again, none. He’s not in this episode. I don’t miss him.

FLOWER GIRL SIGHTING: On the seashore, watching the horizon. A gust of wind blows past, knocking both the bouquet and her boom box into the ocean. I think this is meant to be ominous.

7 Ep.36f

EYECATCH: Basara/Sivil


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