7 PLUS 5


ICONIC SCENE: Aww, he’s so widdle…

RELEASE DATE: June 25, 1995

So here we are at the short that came with Volume 5 (Eps. 16-20) of Macross 7. As I said last post, the release date for this was kind of a big day, as Macross Plus Vol. 4 was also released (and Macross 7 episode 36 aired). This one, of course, is about Gamlin (or “Gamrin,” as it’s shown here), from the beginning of his desire to fly (starting when he was a child, at his father’s funeral) to the completion of his training under Milia. Again, it doesn’t tell us much that we couldn’t have guessed: he’s a serious, diligent student, and the best in his class. And Milia is a strict teacher. Her VF-11 is pretty cool, as well. I wonder if anyone’s made a custom of it?

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