THE GREAT MACROSS REWATCH 87 – Sivil of the Forbidden Planet

7 Ep.38

EPISODE 38: Sivil of the Forbidden Planet

ICONIC SCENE: Gigil’s about to awaken…

STORY DATE: December 2045

SCENARIO TITLE: The Destruction of the Forbidden Planet

BROADCAST DATE: July 9, 1995

1. And here we are, finally, at the climax for Part Three of the story. It’s funny… I was at a party recently, talking to someone who had tried Macross 7 and given up a few episodes in. I said that every twelve or thirteen episodes, you get a big climax, and every climax is flat-out excellent. It didn’t sway him. But I honestly do think that the good episodes are worth the filler. Later, after Mari Iijima’s most recent gig, I used the tactic again on someone else. He replied, “So… it’s like four mini-series? I could probably watch it if I viewed it that way.” So maybe it could be a selling point to the right people…

2. Basara’s still kind of out of it after having his mind blown last episode. Sivil is also unconscious again, but being protected by Gigil. Battle 7 and City 7 reconnect and the fleet moves to another area (I’m not sure why…). And then Geperunitchi contacts them, with his armada of 70,000 ships. Geperunitchi’s demand is simple: the Macross 7 Fleet can stay on Lux, living freely, but as the Spiritia Farm.

3. I haven’t really talked about it much (except for one “iconic scene”), but there’s been a funny little subplot running through the last few episodes. When Sivil woke up and escaped from Battle 7, there was a flower left behind from the vegetation plant. Basara picked it up and put it in a pot, and when he left, he placed a note saying, “water it” behind. So any time the show cuts back to Ray and Veffidas, one of them is always watering it. And in this episode, with Basara back, it’s finally bloomed.

4. Meanwhile, the Protodeviln chain of command is pretty messed up, and Geperunitchi orders Gigil and Sivil to be assassinated. He’s been planning on killing Sivil for a long time now, but it’s also been clear for a while where Gigil’s REAL loyalties lay, so yeah… Gigil would die before he lets anyone harm Sivil, so I can see why assassinating him is necessary as well.

So I guess the way Gavil plans to kill Sivil is by draining her of spiritia. Somehow, that seems too easy (and it doesn’t end up working, anyway).

5. The space around Lux gets surrounded, and Max, quite desperate at this point, orders a fold directly from the planet’s surface (with some talk from Exsedol about how disastrous that could be… shades of “Booby Trap”!), but Valgo disrupts all the ships’ ability to fold.

The Valkyries attack Valgo, but again, attacks like this are ineffective. I mean, this is the whole point of the Protodeviln. The issue came up recently in a Macross Facebook group I’m in, where someone said something like, “screw singing. I’m gonna use a nuke.” I replied, “They did that. It didn’t work.” He then said, “Use more nukes.” Which is pretty much the equivalent of telling someone to knock over the Empire State Building by blowing on it, and when it doesn’t topple, telling them to blow harder.

6. Now when Glavil grabs Sivil and starts draining her spiritia, THAT could kill her, I think. I get the distinct impression that the only thing that can kill a Protodeviln is another Protodeviln.

7. And just as Basara and Gigil start singing a duet, Gavil shows up and kills Gigil. Or, at least, kills the human body that is his host. As that body is dying, the REAL Gigil awakens on Varauta IV and folds to Lux.

8. And he unleashes his ultimate attack, which destroys the entire planet, kills Valgo, and kills Gigil himself. Gavil, unfortunately, survives.

But yeah… those dinosaurs that Basara told Gamlin not to hurt a few episodes ago…? Turns out it didn’t matter; they’re dead now.

9. My favorite bit here is probably when Gigil reaches out to touch Sivil, and then his hands crumble apart. It’s really rather moving.

10. So yeah, destruction of an entire planet is always a good way to end things on a high note. And the fact that Gigil is dead is pretty big as well (Valgo, no one cares about. He only showed up in three episodes anyway). Again, my only complaint is that Gavil survived. Annoyance beauty!

THIS EPISODE’S GAVIL-ISMS: “Annihilation beauty,” “assassination beauty,” “destruction beauty,” “elimination beauty,” “dark void beauty.”

FLOWER GIRL SIGHTING: At the beginning and again at the end, standing outside, looking over the scenery (the ocean at the beginning, space at the end).

7 Ep.38f

EYECATCH: Geperunitchi/Max


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