7 Ep.39

EPISODE 39: Basara Returns

ICONIC SCENE: Janet and Michael

STORY DATE: January 2046


BROADCAST DATE: July 16, 1995

1. The fact that this episode opens with the same narration that opened the first ten or so episodes (and nothing past that) should give us pause… And such pause would be well-warranted, since this is a clip show. It doesn’t ANNOUNCE itself as one, and tries its damnedest to make you think it isn’t one, but there is a minimum of new animation in this episode. Nearly everything is taken from previous episodes.

I gotta admit, I think it’s a bold attempt, trying to make an entirely new story using only pre-existing footage. It fails, however. The episode is weird, disjointed, and doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

2. In something that will come up again in the next Macross 7 “clip show” (er, “movie” or “OVA” or WHATEVER, seventeen years down the road), there’s a lot of scenes of people watching stuff on TV screens here. After repeating the end of the previous episode, it goes into Akiko and Ray editing together footage of the Fire Valk, supposedly given to Akiko by the Unified Forces, even though some of the scenes are clearly from the “Lynn Minmay Story.”

3. The one bit of new animation here (I think… at the very least, I don’t recall it from a previous episode) is Mylene and Gamlin in the audience at a concert together. Gamlin says he’s not going back to the military, but we’ll see how long that lasts.

4. Okay, okay, the battle is kind of new, too, since the backdrop is now space rather than than on Lux, but it’s still all the same animation.

And at the end, we see Akiko’s Fire Valk video, intercut with Janet’s photographs of Basara singing to Sivil. And actually, the shot of Janet and Michael talking at the concert may be new, as well. Or it may be just a previously-used scene with a new background.

5. So yeah, valiant attempt, but it ends up as probably the worst episode of the whole series.

THIS EPISODE’S GAVIL-ISMS: “Flash beauty,” “gift beauty,” No strategic beauty,” “intelligence beauty.”

FLOWER GIRL SIGHTING: Just standing there, in a scene unrelated to either the previous or following scene. We can’t even tell where she is, since the sky is the only background. Later, exactly the same shot, but taking place in a park at night. Still later, in the crowd at the Fire Bomber concert.

7 Ep.39f

EYECATCH: Alice Holiday (why?)/Jamming Birds (girls) (WHY???)


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