7 Ep.41

EPISODE 41: I Love Mylene!

ICONIC SCENE: Jeez, Billy…

STORY DATE: January 2046

BROADCAST DATE: July 30, 1995

1. This episode gets a little unsavory, but it IS realistic, as a couple of cash-in hucksters are selling “secret photos” of Mylene (i.e. pictures of her ass from the stage). I also get the distinct feeling that the hucksters are based on staff members of the show (of course, anytime there’s a fat character with dark hair, I think that…).

Then as Gamlin is dropping Mylene off after a date, there’s a flash and the sound of a camera clicking. But this time, it’s not a paparazzo, but a fan: a kid named Billy.

Billy is aggressively annoying. He’s also inconsistent, attacking the hucksters for selling indecent photos, but then flipping up Mylene’s skirt himself. Kid, that’s actually WORSE…

2. Fire Bomber are rehearsing “Fall,” which is getting its proper debut in this episode, after Mylene sang a snippet of it a cappella a while ago.

3. Then Billy runs in and starts pissing everyone off by taking photos.

However, he manages to win Basara over by saying he came to listen seriously.

He eventually annoys Mylene so much that she yells, and then he runs out, upset.

4. Okay… I’m lucky enough to have met a number of famous people, and plenty who I admire, and my rule is: DON’T BE A JERK. Don’t ask an actor to repeat their famous lines, don’t taunt anyone (as Harrison Ford, who I never actually MET, but with whom I made eye contact once, once said, “Fly casual”). But Billy is being obnoxious, and Mylene has every right to get upset, even if the rest of the band scolds her for it.

5. The hucksters are truly awful people. First they start to beat Billy up, and they don’t seem to be holding back much (he’s how old…? Twelve, maybe…?). Then when Mylene shows up, they try to pin their photo scheme on him.

6. Interestingly, the thing that sways Mylene is that Billy has a ticket from the first time Mylene played with Fire Bomber, making him a total old-school fan. However, in real life, once a band becomes big, managers do their best to try to get rid of those fans. Those fans are too used to having close access to the band, hanging out with them, etc., and stuff like that can’t happen anymore.

7. Akiko gets Billy’s address from the ticket registration number, which seems to raise all sorts of privacy flags… Anyway, he’s from the Macross 7 version of the countryside: the agricultural ship, “Sunny Flower.”

Once Mylene gets there, it turns out that everyone there has outrageous country bumpkin accents. However, they’ve got a pretty sweet audio setup for blasting Macross Plus music at the plants to help them grow. That had to have been SERIOUSLY expensive.

Oh, and just to make sure we feel sympathy for Billy, we find out he’s an orphan.

8. Excellent scene: when the air raid siren goes off in Sunny Flower, all the sleeping cows wake up and start mooing.

9. And of course, as you knew would happen, Billy ends up saving the day. They even have a fake-out death for him. Mylene’s learned to be more patient with her fans, and I’d like to think that Billy’s learned to be less obnoxious, but he still flips up Mylene’s skirt at the end, so who knows?

10. Definitely filler, but there’s worse filler to be had. I don’t begrudge the staff a few episodes like this in the run up to the end, since nearly all of the last bunch of episodes HAVE to look good, and that takes time. As long as the show is at its best when it really counts.

THIS EPISODE’S GAVIL-ISMS: “Infiltration beauty,” “smashing beauty,” “capture beauty,” “retreat beauty.”

FLOWER GIRL SIGHTING: First shot of the episode. She’s waiting in front of the concert hall when it turns out that Fire Bomber cancelled. Then she sees Billy run past.

7 Ep.41f

EYECATCH: Mylene/Sally and Miho


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