THE GREAT MACROSS REWATCH 91 – Desperate Capture Operation

7 Ep.42

EPISODE 42: Desperate Capture Operation

ICONIC SCENE: Combination Beauty!

STORY DATE: January 2046

SCENARIO TITLE: Devil Capture Operation

BROADCAST DATE: August 6, 1995

1. Exsedol has studied the records from the ruins, and discovered that there were seven EVIL weapons created, all of which were possessed by Protodeviln. We THINK we’ve met six of them, but, as I’ve said before, we’ve only met five, since Gavil and Glavil are actually one being.

Dr. Chiba thinks that Anima Spiritia has some connection to song energy, and of course he’s right.

Again, if everyone would simply remember how Sivil was put into a coma after kissing Basara, they would have the answer. But I’m not sure how many people know about that, really.

2. Dr. Chiba’s idea is to create a sound barrier to capture a Protodeviln. Basara doesn’t like it. He says there’s no point in singing to them if they’ve lost their freedom… so I guess that even HE doesn’t remember singing to Sivil when she was comatose.

3. Meanwhile, as the Macross 7 Fleet is planning to capture a Protodeviln, Gavil is planning to capture Basara.

4. “Sorry, guys, I’m afraid Basara’s just too darn loud.” At least, that’s what everyone’s thinking… for the capture operation, they need to be balanced, and Basara’s singing is simply too powerful.

Gamlin has an idea, though: instead of Basara lowering his performance, Mylene should sing with the power to match him. Easy, right…?

5. And then there’s an odd scene with Basara going EVA from his Valk… this is, I believe, only the second time we’ve ever seen him in a space suit. The suit before was generic (back in Episode 5, when he took on Rex’s gang), but this is his stage costume, somehow all sealed up.

6. They manage to capture Glavil… and it turns out that the whole thing is being televised live. Man, if this goes wrong, that’s not gonna be good for for the citizens’ morale…

7. And so, in order to prevent Glavil from being captured, Gavil merges with him to become an even bigger monster: GaviGla. He looks mostly like Glavil with Gavil sticking out of his forehead, but they also each take on some characteristics of the other, like how Glavil suddenly has a lot of feathers, and Gavil is much spikier. And again, he’s easily three times the size of Glavil alone.

8. Max is cutting his losses, I guess. He orders Sound Force to retreat, and Basara turns to see the Macross Cannon leveled at GaviGla. The blast hits GaviGla full on, dead center. And does nothing. GaviGla unleashes an attack that destroys any VF-11s left in the area as well as a nearby moon.

He grabs Basara and even Basara’s singing power isn’t enough to stop him.

9. And then, as hinted by the eyecatch, Sivil turns up to rescue Basara from certain death.

What follows is, I won’t lie, pretty damn silly. Look, the whole idea of invulnerable space demons? Fine, I’m cool with that. I’ve read “Childhood’s End,” and can hang with the idea of what devils look like probably comes from a Collective Unconscious recollection of the Protodeviln. The idea of Sivil and GaviGla hitting a stalemate, firing incredibly powerful energy beams at each other? It’s kinda Dragonball Z, but yeah, why not?

Cutting between them as Sivil sings her “UUUUUUU!” and Gavil roars an echoey “RRRRRR!” several times? Enh… sorry… it just comes out looking (and SOUNDING) comical.

Luckily, it doesn’t last too long, then it’s just a weakened Sivil trying to kiss Basara again, but his space helmet is in the way. She ends up draining a lot of his spiritia anyway, before she realizes what she’s doing and flies off.

10. So yeah, that really silly moment aside, this is a great episode, one of those ones that starts off setting out a plot, and then throwing curveballs until you have no idea where it’s going to end up. Things are really heating up now.

THIS EPISODE’S GAVIL-ISMS: “Marred beauty,” “completion beauty,” “decision beauty,” “all-out attack beauty,” “capture beauty,” “true form beauty,” “honor beauty,”
“completion beauty” (again), “ultimate beauty,” “crushing beauty,” “greater than explosions beauty,” “purity beauty.”

FLOWER GIRL SIGHTING: In the background of the crowd cheering on the capture operation.

7 Ep.42f

EYECATCH: Veffidas/Sivil


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