THE GREAT MACROSS REWATCH 92 – Individual Partings

7 Ep.43

EPISODE 43: Individual Partings

ICONIC SCENE: “So here’s your invitation, we’re so glad you came!”

STORY DATE: Late January to February 3, 2046

BROADCAST DATE: August 13, 1995

1. Irina Hayakawa is back in action. Weirdly, he still has the same stubble he had when he was a brainwashed soldier for the Protodeviln. Battle 7 is a lax ship, I guess.

Max has called an emergency meeting: the brass has commanded the Macross 7 Fleet to destroy the Protodeviln’s Varauta “homeworld.” And they can use reaction weapons.

Thanks to last episode’s disastrous attempt to capture Glavil, everyone who before was in favor of attacking the Protodeviln head on has now changed his mind, and wants nothing to do with such an assault.

2. Mylene’s fifteenth birthday is coming up, and she’s going to have a party… the invitations are cute. Her birthday is February 2, same as James Joyce and Ayn Rand.

3. So they run the simulation through based on the probability of three Protodeviln being on the Varauta planet when they attack, and their chance of success turns out to be 0.00001% (as Ritsuko Agaki will say in a few months, “At least it’s not zero”).

4. Max talks to Milia about it, and explains that either the Unified Forces are using Macross 7 as an experiment in how to fight the Protodeviln, or else they’re using the fleet as a sacrifice to buy time. Neither idea is terribly cheering.

5. Max later presents his idea of attacking with a small, elite force, so that the residential ships would not be left defenseless. The screen that he shows has some interesting info in Japanese, but written out in English script, saying “It’s clearly impossible. Give up and go back to earth. Terrible misfortune…”

Anyway, they plan to fly in stealthily, plant the explosives and fly out. We don’t know what the odds are, but I’m sure they’re still pretty bad.

6. After this, the episode turns into a preparation-for-battle episode, and let’s face it, those kinds of episodes pretty much always work. The tension and anticipation does all the heavy lifting for the story. There’s a bit of added drama in that Mylene is being left behind… but again, let’s face it… no one in the audience ACTUALLY thinks she’s not going to be included in the mission.

7. Mylene’s party is pretty swank, although I note that she doesn’t seem to have any friends her own age, even in the crowd shots. Unless you count Rex’s gang, but for some reason I don’t think they and Mylene pal around together often…

Veffidas and Akiko probably win the party fashion contest. Akiko’s wearing a Chinese dress and I always wonder if, post-Minmay, that’s some kind of tribute/cosplay thing…?

The BEST outfit shows up later, though, when Milia becomes acting captain of Battle 7.

8. Gamlin gets Mylene a diamond ring for her birthday, and I’m still not sure if he was actually on some level planning to propose or not. He says he wasn’t, but you know how shy the boy is.

9. Everyone says their goodbyes here, and it’s all very emotional, but I just want to say that Ray and Akiko totally hooked up. The last we see of them, Akiko is crying, and then rushes towards Ray, and then we don’t see them again until the next morning.

Oh, and Exsedol’s line as Stargazer leaves “It seems like this is goodbye” is, I think, a reference to his line in the original series, right before they go into battle against the Bodol Main Fleet, “It seems like this is it.”

At the end, Mylene naturally shows up, the ship folds, and cut to the “to be continued…” card. What a great ending!

10. So yes, as I said last time, for all the filler and repetitive stories we’ve had in the show (and there’s one more iffy episode to come), the last clutch of episodes are genuinely great. This one is truly a joy to watch, and the next one is even better.

THIS EPISODE’S GAVIL-ISMS: No bad guys appear at all in the episode. Main cast focus beauty!

FLOWER GIRL SIGHTING: In the arcade, trying to get a Fire Valk plushy from the crane machine. Basara walks right past her, but she’s concentrating too hard to notice. At the end, we her in the city at night, listening to Basara play on the rooftop. She’s crying.

7 Ep.43f

EYECATCH: Fire Bomber/Max and Milia

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