THE GREAT MACROSS REWATCH 95 – Gamlin’s Rebellion

7 Ep.46

EPISODE 46: Gamlin’s Rebellion

ICONIC SCENE: “‘What are YOU looking at.’ The innocent words of a drunken child.”

STORY DATE: February 2046

BROADCAST DATE: September 3, 1995

1. So our heroes arrive back from Varauta IV, and have somehow picked up a stowaway, Gavil, who immediately possesses Gamlin.

2. While the brass (except Max) requests having the reaction weapons for every ship unsealed, the scenes cross-cut to the weapons being primed, so I guess we know what the answer is.

3. Akiko has a toast to Fire Bomber’s return. She and Ray have wine glasses, Mylene has orange juice, and Veffidas has a beer stein full of wine. I imagine her constitution is considerable…

Mylene accidentally drinks Basara’s, not realizing that it’s wine, and gets immediately tipsy.

4. Gavil/”Gamlin” is going on a real rampage, getting the rest of Diamond Force, a secretary, and Mayor Milia. He almost gets the Flower Girl, but Mylene shows up.

5. Luckily for her, an airship flies overhead blaring “Holy Lonely Light,” which makes Gavil/”Gamlin” run off.

Mylene just wonders, “What’s wrong with him…?” She’s not too bright in this episode.

6. Gavil, for his part, starts blowing up the hangars. Even the Jamming Birds’ units.

7. Docker is ready to kill Gamlin, arguing that he’s done some much damage that he wouldn’t even get a trial, but Sound Force realizes that he’s possessed and sings to try to get Gavil out.

Burton also argues to kill Gamlin, thinking that if they hit him with a reaction weapon, it will kill Gavil as well. I don’t think it works like that…

8. Using subterfuge-beauty, Gavil makes everyone think Gamlin’s back to normal, only to capture Mylene. It turns out that Gamlin’s body is now acting as a buffer between Gavil and the sound energy. It no longer affects him. Which makes sense if you think about Geperunitchi and Gigil, but doesn’t if you think about Sivil.

Or, as VF5SS pointed out, it could just be a joke about the fact that Gamlin never liked Basara’s music to begin with. I’m not sure.

9. So yes, they’re ready to launch reaction weapons at the VF-17, which would honestly probably kill everyone EXCEPT Gavil, but Mylene’s song wins through and forces Gavil out.

10. Okay, no two ways about it, I really dislike this episode. After the last incredible three, this one just seems a lame time-waster. It doesn’t even resolve Mylene’s feelings, which seems to be its primary purpose. And the Gavil-isms get REALLY over the top. (See below.)

THIS EPISODE’S GAVIL-ISMS: “Revival beauty,” “revenge beauty,” “coercion beauty,” “pure-blooded beauty,” “healthy beauty,” “innocent beauty,” “distraction beauty,” “stimulation beauty,” “conquest beauty,” “explosion beauty,” “stimulation beauty” (again), “patience beauty,” “trickery beauty,” “adaptation beauty,” “healthy beauty” (again), “obedience beauty.”

FLOWER GIRL SIGHTING: Watching the news monitor, hearing the news that Sound Force has returned safely. Later, Gavil/”Gamlin” goes after her.

7 Ep.46f

EYECATCH: Gamlin/Mylene

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