THE GREAT MACROSS REWATCH 97 – Mylene’s Passionate Song of Tears

7 Ep.48

EPISODE 48: Mylene’s Passionate Song of Tears


STORY DATE: February 2046

BROADCAST DATE: September 17, 1995

1. I realize it’s the night shift, but this hospital seems WAY too dark.

(Yes, I know it’s symbolism…)

Anyway, Mylene’s singing “Kimi ni Todoke” to Basara, but it’s not really helping. Rex is there, looking distraught, and even Gubaba is sobbing.

2. We get a flashback to Ray, some time after Stefan died, and he’s a drunken mess. Then he sees the little boy with the big guitar who will help him turn his life around.

3. Basara’s dying and Gamlin’s jealous of the attention Mylene’s giving him… Dude, you should’ve seen her when she thought YOU were dead. She was sobbing then, too. She even sang the same song.

4. Geperunitchi’s true form finally awakes! We don’t get a good look at him yet, but he’s basically a sentient black hole. Now, I get that the Protoculture honestly thought they could control the EVIL series, but making a living black hole seems WAY too destructive… Indeed, Exsedol later explains that Geperunitchi could pretty easily kill all life in the galaxy.

Oh, and we get proof that yes, Iwano Gunther/Geperunitchi was indeed a man. Nice pecs, dude.

I still have no idea why he looks like a woman and has the voice of Sayla Mass.

5. Dr. Chiba has a plan, using the new “Sound Buster,” for sealing the Protodeviln away again. It won’t work, but it’s a cool idea.

Speaking of new inventions, Burton has supervised a spiritia absorption gun for the Valks to use.

6. While Gamlin is trying to kill Glavil with the spiritia absorption gun, Zomd and Goram sneak in and steal the Riviera resort ship. Battle 7 goes in pursuit.

7. In a really amazing scene, Battle 7 transforms while entering the atmosphere of Varauta 4. This is, like, Battlestar Galactica Season 3 level stuff, here. Although the trigger used to fire the Sound Buster is much more Yamato-style.

And seeing Battle 7 land on Varauta IV is better than Battle 7 landing on Lux. The skidding-through-the-ice scene totally makes it.

8. Mylene starts singing “Light the Light,” and I think she’s sung this in the show more than Basara has… why is her version still unavailable? C’mon, Victor! “Mylene Jenius Sings Basara Nekki.” It would’ve been cheaper to make than that damn “English Fire!!” album.

9. The Sound Buster attack ends up failing. The Macross Cannon explodes, and Geperunitchi’s body starts growing out of control. Even the Protodeviln are scared.

10. So yeah, mostly build-up for the finale, but it’s great build-up. The ideas are cool, the action is good, and hey… Gamlin even kinda confesses his love, although Mylene is completely torn.

THIS EPISODE’S GAVIL-ISMS: “Awakening beauty,” “action beauty,” “pillaging beauty,” “patience beauty,” “attack beauty,” “conquest beauty,” “teamwork beauty,” “revival beauty,” “complete revival beauty,” “plunder beauty,” “this isn’t beauty.”

FLOWER GIRL SIGHTING: Standing across the street from the hospital.

7 Ep.48f

EYECATCH: Gamlin/Mylene

One thought on “THE GREAT MACROSS REWATCH 97 – Mylene’s Passionate Song of Tears

  1. I suppose it was probably to make Gepurnitchi to sound and look more alien, like in the original dub of DBZ where they gave Frieze the voice of a middle-aged woman that smokes a pack a day.


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