7 PLUS 8


ICONIC SCENE: Gunther, meet Geperunitchi.

RELEASE DATE: September 25, 1995

So the very day after Macross 7 ended it’s first-run broadcast, Volume 8 of the series on LD and VHS (containing episodes 29 to 32) was released, and this short included with it is one of the best of the P*L*U*S shorts. Interestingly, some footage from it (of Iwano Gunther) premiered in the final episode of the series, although the scene itself was surely made for this.

And hey! It’s got the VF-14 in it!

It tells the story of the ill-fated Varauta expedition that accidentally awakened the Protodeviln. Irina Hayakawa is our POV character, as he reacts with horror to everything around him. And we ARE in a horror movie here. The whole thing is creepy as hell. We also meet the newly-named and never-before-seen guy who Gigil possessed, Lt. Autolmauer, and Advisor Iwano Gunther, who became the host body for Geperunitchi (and yes, Gunther is a man, as well. As I said before, I have no idea why he looks like a woman and has the voice of Sayla Mass).

That makes me wonder, though… what ended up happening to Gunther? Geperunitchi never abandoned his body, and is still using it as the series finishes. If a Protodeviln possesses you, do “you” die after a while, leaving only the Protodeviln? If not, it seems kind of dickish of Gepernunitchi to keep using a body that he doesn’t need. Presumably, Gunther has someone who loves him back home and misses him…


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