7 PLUS 9

Gubaba’s Planet

ICONIC SCENE: Poor li’l guy…

RELEASE DATE: October 25, 1995

Boy, with the last few posts, we keep moving backwards in time… the final episode of Macross 7 was set in February 2046, then I watched the Macross 7 movie, set in January 2046. After that came the Plus movie, set in 2040, and now there’s this, set in 2036.

So this short film, included with Vol. 9 of Macross 7 (eps. 33 to 36) on VHS or LD is about Max finding Gubaba. So Mylene’s about five when she gets her constant companion. And man, was Gubaba’s life ever rough. Predators! Predators everywhere! And it seems like the Gyararashi (Gubaba’s species) are pretty low on the food chain, getting eaten like popcorn by Tyrannosaurus-Rex-type things, as well as something that looks like a flying manta ray.

Anyway, poor Gubaba’s parent (mother? Father? I can’t tell) gets eaten in a rather horrifying scene, where Gubaba’s pulling on his parent’s tail to get it out of the T. Rex’s mouth, only to end up with… just a tail. Gubaba gets stepped on and left for dead, and then Max finds him. So… happy ending for Gubaba, getting to babysit Mylene for the rest of his life. Because (I think the point of this short is), as annoying as Mylene can be, the alternative is FAR WORSE.

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