THE GREAT MACROSS REWATCH 102 – Which One Do You Love?

7 En.2

EPISODE 2: Which One Do You Love?


STORY DATE: Again, who knows? “The enemy” is mentioned, so it has to be during the series, not after… but Milia has her VF-22, so it’s all a little confusing.

RELEASE DATE: December 18, 1995

1. Uh-oh… Milia thinks she’s dying! No one knows the life-expectancy for micloned Zentradi after all…

2. So because of that, she wants to see Mylene married as quickly as possible. And then marry, of all people, Basara. Why not Gamlin, you ask? Because Milia learned with Max that elite pilots don’t make good husbands. But… isn’t Basara kind of an elite pilot himself…? And wouldn’t she have known this when she first set Mylene up with Gamlin?

3. Mylene goes to see Max to try to talk Milia out of talking to Basara, and even he asks “Which one do you love?”

4. Mylene has a flashback to Milia setting up the meeting between her and Gamlin, which of course is reused footage, but then she flashes back to meeting Basara, and THAT’S new. He’s with a bunch of people watching Alice Holiday on one of the monitors around the city, unimpressed. Mylene runs up to see the performance, and ends up talking to Basara. Gubaba scampers up her arm to get at her ice cream cone, and in an effort to get it away from him, she gets ice cream all over Basara’s shirt. Then the shirt gets ripped.

Later, she auditions for Fire Bomber, with the inevitable “Wha…? IT’S YOU!” reaction. Weirdly, during her audition, she says she sings as well, so they rehearse and she sings… “Planet Dance”…? How does she know the words…? Anyway, Basara leaves the room, saying, “I’ll let Ray decide. But I sort of like Gubaba.” And she’s in.

5. Oh hey, Mylene’s got a cell phone! Looks a lot like my old Nokia one…

6. Milia invites Basara out for a meal at some really fancy-looking restaurant and asks him to marry Mylene. He’s appropriately shocked.

7. Mylene runs into Gamlin, who says that Milia tried to set him up with Miho Miho. Neither Gamlin nor Miho seemed terribly enthusiastic about the idea, nor did they even know what was going on.

8. Milia then gets into her VF-22, grabs some of the Jamming Birds’ sound boosters and flies out to sing “Light the Light.” Which, honestly, is probably the best vocal performance of that song in the whole series.

(I like that when they’re showing it being broadcast on the monitors all around the ship, we can briefly see the two hucksters who were selling dirty Mylene photos.)

And according to Dr. Chiba, Milia’s got “a contagious Galaxy GXT Virus. Basically, a cold.” So, see? It was all a misunderstanding! She’s not dying at all! Har-har, won’t she be embarrassed when she finds out…?


(Okay… I admit I chuckled when Sound Force joins them, and Basara shouts “FIYAA!” and Milia responds with “BOMBAA!”)

9. There’s something of a sense of a goodbye in this episode, since as everyone (Milia, Sound Force, even Gamlin…) is singing, we get scenes of all of the minor characters sitting around listening. Billy (the Mylene fan from Episode 41), Michael, the Flower Girl, Rex and her gang, even Bobby. It’s not quite the end of Macross 7, but it will be the last we see of some of these people.

10. Okay, “On Stage” was pretty silly, and this one’s just kinda stupid. Mylene meeting Basara is cute addition to the rest of the group meeting in the previous episode, and the goodbye to the minor characters is nice to see, but other than that, yeah… not the best. Especially following such a nasty satire of cheap, formulaic television, to go with a sitcom-level plot like “Milia catches a cold but thinks she’s dying” is really, REALLY lame.

Interestingly, it ends with a “next episode preview” for “Fleet of the Strongest Women,” which wouldn’t be available for another two months.


FLOWER GIRL SIGHTING: At the exclusive restaurant, sitting behind Basara. She eavesdrops on their conversation and feels self-conscious.

7 En.2f

EYECATCH: Flaschakaya (the green-haired singer who’s all over the place in the early episodes)/Rex

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