THE GREAT MACROSS REWATCH 103 – Fleet of the Strongest Women

7 PLUS 13

UNAIRED EPISODE: Fleet of the Strongest Women

ICONIC SCENE: Chlore’s mean machine.

STORY DATE: No way to tell. Seems like it should be after the series conclusion, except that Battle 7 and the Fire Valk are there…


RELEASE DATE: February 25, 1996

1. So with Volume 13 (the final volume) of the Macross 7 TV series on VHS and LD(containing episodes 48 and 49), instead of the usual two-and-a-half-minute short film, they actually created an entirely new episode, avowedly the final episode of the whole thing (despite the next episode preview for “On Stage,” and the existence of Dynamite 7, which isn’t really part of the series). And they crafted something that seems aimed squarely at fans of the original Macross, in a number of ways.

2. It begins with Mylene singing “Do You Remember Love” intercut with scenes of battle. By the way, that’s Tomo Sakurai singing it, not Chie Kajiura.

Then we see the enemy: a bunch of Queadluun-Raus. And the Macross 7 forces are getting creamed.

Exsedol says the the obvious: it’s a Meltran fleet. And they’ve got a whole ton of Do You Remember Love-style battleships.

3. Okay, so yes, we’ve got a throwback to the original here, kind of. That’s one way that this is targeting the O.G. fans. The next comes when the “story so far” narration starts. The narrator is not Masashi Sugahara (who also plays Ray), as usual, but rather, they actually hired Mika Doi, the voice of Misa Hayase, to speak the lines, while the visuals show redone scenes from Do You Remember Love (more or less… there are some liberties taken). Now a lot of these come from Episode 11 and 37, but a number of them are brand new.

What’s weird about the voiceover is that she’s not doing her Misa voice… if anything, it sounds like she’s trying to emulate Noriko Ohara’s tone as the original Macross narrator.

4. I love Chlore’s bright yellow Queadluun-Rau, and the first scene with it is great, as she totally outclasses Basara, destroying his sound booster and then evading all the speaker pods he fires.

5. Milia and Chlore were the top pilots in their respective fleets… so why does Chlore look like she’s about twenty (and sound like Misato Katsuragi or Sailor Moon)…?

6. Britai gets a mention from Chlore, as a traitor. Although I find it difficult to believe that she knows all about him, but gets confused by Milia associating with males. Doesn’t she understand WHY Britai defected to the Earth side…?

7. The rest of the episode turns into a race against time to give Chlore’s fleet a culture shock before the Unified Forces High Command demands that the fleet be annihilated (hmm… according to the official chronology, the head of High Command as of 2016 was Britai himself. Is he still, 29 years later…? I’d guess not, since I doubt he’d ever order something like this, unless he’s still, as he said in Episode 30 of the original series, “cleaning the pus from the wound”). First up, Max and Milia fly in in their VF-22s (boy… Milia’s VF-22 turns up more in the bonus episodes than it ever did in the series itself…). They explain marriage and then kiss, but Chlore stops them and imprisons them.

8. Next, while they’re waiting for Basara’s sound booster to get repaired, is the “Minmay Attack,” with Mylene singing “Do You Remember Love.” It does nothing.

9. Finally Basara folds in with a Speaker Pod Gamma (the absolutely massive speaker that Ted Nugent sees in his wet dreams that AREN’T about hunting), and again, it turns into a Beatles concert. If, that is, the girls screaming and tearing their hair out for the Beatles also had, um, power armor and a ton of missiles.

And Exsedol deliberately misses the fleet with the Macross Cannon, earning him the admiration of Sally and Miho. So human-Zentradi love is in the air, everywhere!

And then the ending card reads “to be Bomber!”

10. So yes, it’s a joke episode, but, unlike the last one, it’s a GOOD joke, and a fun way to finish the series by tying it back to the original.

And that was it. Macross 7 was finally completely finished. Or not…

But seriously, yes, I consider this the end. Everything done so far is all of a piece, even the movie. Dynamite 7 is a VERY different series. But that’s for next time.

FLOWER GIRL SIGHTING: At the beginning of the episode, listening to “My Soul for You” in the park, as the air raid sirens blare. The wind is blowing, giving us a panty shot. I guess that’s something of a bonus for the big finale…?

7 PLUS 13f

EYECATCH: Chlore and Advisor Trankil/The Flower Girl


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