F Ep.14


ICONIC SCENE: “Pinpoint barrier punch!”

STORY DATE: August 2059

BROADCAST DATE: July 10, 2008

1. We start off with, again, another nice piece of music that isn’t on the soundtracks.  Considering JUST HOW MANY Frontier CDs there are out there, you’d think that everything would be released by now, but nope. Nearly (nearly!) all the vocal tracks have been released, but many instrumental tracks haven’t. I kinda hope they’ll do something for the tenth anniversary next year, but I ain’t holding my breath…

2. Ozma has a flashback to Ranka leaving for Gallia 4. He tries to dissuade her, but it’s clear that she’s growing up and doesn’t really need to be protected any more. At least at this point.

3. Then we spend some time with the bridge bunnies, who… I dunno, I’m not sure they ever really come into their own the way that, say, Shammy, Kim, and Vanessa did. While the original trio were definitely supporting characters, they still had a role to play in the main plot due to their involvement with the three Zentradi spies. The trio here never really do anything of import, although the fact that Mina is voiced by Aya Hirano, the rather famous voice of Haruhi Suzumiya, made me think that they would be bigger characters than they end up being. (I saw Ms. Hirano at a party once, but didn’t get to talk to her. That has nothing to do with Macross, really… I’m just bragging.)

(Ms. Hirano also voices Nene, who has even LESS to do than Mina does.)

4. And then, just as Luca is about to confess his love for Nanase, the Vajra fleet arrives, and everything goes into emergency mode.

But, um… really, I don’t understand why the Vajra are attacking. I mean, they have Ranka right now… isn’t that all they ever wanted…?

5. One of the VF-171 teams is clearly “Diamond Force,” and this is about the only time in the show that the 171s are ever shown actually kicking some ass. Diamond Leader’s VF has the name “Machida” on the side of its head, but I’m not sure if that’s meant to be the pilot’s name or not. Either way, he throws a mean pinpoint-barrier punch. I notice that in the credits, one of the Chief CGI Designers is named Machida, so I assume it’s just him “signing” the sequence, so to speak.

6. And when we return to Michel and Sheryl, Michel is knocked out (and again, I assume, in the planning stages he would’ve been dead here). Sheryl manages to fly the Valk mostly out of danger, although she doesn’t do a very good job of it and gets it destroyed. So much for her piloting classes, I guess. They’ll never get brought up again.

7. Alto goes out to rescue Ranka, and for the first time, we see his VF-25 outfitted with an Armored Pack.

And during the battle, Raramia of Pixie Team gets killed, but I’m not sure anyone really cares. She never even had any lines, ever. Certainly, no one in the show seems terribly bothered, or brings her up again in future episodes. Maybe no one liked her…? She always looked cranky.

8. In an odd scene, Ranka sees a vision of her mother, teaching her “Aimo.” Ranka starts singing it, and (in probably the most effective use of the song in the entire show) it plays over the big battle.

9. Alto goes in to rescue Ranka, but Brera jumps ahead of him and pulls her out, and then announces himself for the first time to the Frontier military, as Brera Stern of Antares Team from Macross Galaxy.

And Grace wakes up in a new body, calling Ranka the “Little Queen” (although I remember at least one person on Macross World Forums right after this episode aired who was adamant that she said “BEETLE Queen,” which would REALLY make no sense).

10. So yeah, the second cour opens on the same intense high note from the last episode, and wraps the cliffhangers from last time up neatly, although we still have no idea if Michel is alive or not. This is the second big “battle” episode (after Episode 7), and again, it looks great. Some of the scenes (especially when the hole gets punched into Island 1’s dome, and we see a lot of people getting sucked out into space) are rather surprisingly brutal.

OP: “Triangler”

ED: “Diamond Crevasse”



EYECATCH: The Bridge Bunnies.

NEXT EPISODE: “Song of Reminiscence, ring throughout the galaxy!”

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