F Ep.15


ICONIC SCENE: “Yaat! Zentran te meltran mikran!”


BROADCAST DATE: July 17, 2008

1. Well, and here we are… the inevitable clip show. However, again, Macross generally seems to do more with its clip shows than many other series do, and just like “Phantasm” in the original series, this is a pretty exemplary way to do it, although it ends up becoming something of an info dump (and according to the DVD booklet, making a clip show that seems like more than just a clip show was itself this episode’s homage to “Phantasm.” Honestly, that seems WAY too nebulous to term an “homage” to me…).

We start with Grace activating the Dimension Eater from Episode 13, this time with new voiceovers, showing the dialogue going on in her head.  This marks the debut of the Galaxy conspiracists, who have rather, um, distinctive and odd voices, especially one who sounds like a little girl. According the Frontier Official Fan Book, the voices are like online avatars (or, now, Facebook Profile Pictures). In other words, the voice may have no resemblance to the actual speaker.

2. And there are actually a number of new scenes here, including one where Ranka accidentally flashes Alto. And we also get the news that Frontier’s closed ecological system is under serious strain, and they’re having to abandon some of the Island ships.

Following this, it goes into serious clip show mode, going way back to Sheryl arriving at Frontier, this time with a voiceover report from Grace. Here we learn that Sheryl is codenamed (unbeknownst to her) as “Fairy 9,” and the whole sh-bang is called “Operation Cannibal.” Ranka is “Q-1.” And yes, Frontier was quite deliberately chosen as the target for the Vajra.

3. One thing about the use of CGI in this series means that even recycled footage can be manipulated so that it doesn’t really LOOK recycled. This also will be taken advantage of in the “Lion” opening titles, as well as the “Nyan Clip” music OVA.

Oh, and I notice that some of the spelling mistakes from the original broadcast (such as “Image in dairy life” rather than “daily”) have been fixed for the DVD.

4. There’s a nice bit when Alto comes to visit Sheryl in the hospital and she won’t let him come in until she’s fixed her hair. She also has some rather strange gifts from well-wishers.

Soon after, we get a truly bizarre scene, one of the weirdest in the whole series, beating out even Michel’s expressive Valk, as Sheryl and Ranka both serenade Alto with Ranka’s version of “What ’bout my star.” When I first saw this episode, I was positive that this was some kind of dream sequence, but nope. It’s real. Which I simply don’t get. I mean, Ranka isn’t that forward, Sheryl isn’t that silly, and it just doesn’t seem in character for either girl (however, it DOES fit Alto’s character, since he looks completely terrified the whole time).

And at the very end, everyone meets their destiny: Sheryl breaks down with a coughing fit, Ranka gets summoned to the President’s office, and Alto gets summoned to the mysterious Mr. Birla (who, it turns out is a full-size Zentradi, even though “Richard Birla” seems like a completely normal Earth name… Shades of the Zentradi named “Matthew Langley” in Macross 7…).

And then the VERY end shows us the Macross Galaxy, which looks completely fine, no damage at all, and is hiding out behind some asteroids…

5. So yeah, not a great episode, but a necessary one, and darn good for being at least 75% recycled footage. I note that here, 3/5 of the way through the series, one of the Galaxy people says that what’s happening right now is “the prologue to the beginning.” We’ll get that insistence, that the story is JUST NOW beginning, a couple of more times throughout the series. The last time is especially unconvincing.

OP: “Triangler”

ED: “Diamond Crevasse 50/50”



EYECATCH: Ranka’s Nyan-Nyan ad.

NEXT EPISODE: “Song of Combat Strategy, ring throughout the galaxy!”


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