TRANSLATION – Macross Vol. IV: Distantly Fading Memories


So here’s the first translation I’ve finished in a while… and it’s one of the first ones I embarked on. Back in 2009, when I first hit upon my idea of translating ALL the Macross novels, manga, and drama albums (because I was really surprised that even after twenty-five years, no one else had done them), Macross World member Lynn2009 posted her or his translation of the the first four tracks of this album. I asked if I could edit it slightly and use it as springboard for the rest of the album. He or she agreed. So I copied it, made some minor edits, and then… sat on it. Every once in a while, when I got bogged down with the Misa novella, I would pick this up and try to work on it a bit.

Macross Vol. IV – Distantly Fading Memories

The problem is that there’s no transcript of it anywhere, and once the characters start speaking quickly, figuring it all out word for word is HARD (for me, at least). Every once in a while I would hit a wall, where there was a word or a sentence that I simply couldn’t figure out, and I’d have to wait until I could ask a friend to help get me unstuck (my gratitude especially goes out to my friend Mia for transcribing the second half of Track 8, which was moving MUCH too fast for me to catch).

So, yeah, it took a long time. Even more so because not only was it difficult, it was also… a little stupid. Several times over the past few years, I became convinced that it really wasn’t WORTH the trouble of translating. And honestly, I still don’t think it was, but eventually I got so close to the end that I figured I might as well finish it. Honestly, both this and “Miss DJ” seem really superfluous to me. I’d say that they were only for the REAL hardcore fan, but even as a hardcore fan myself, I find them both pretty uninteresting. Good for one embarrassing listen. Maybe.

The music is nice, though.

And like “Miss DJ,” I’m not entirely sure how enthralling it will be to read through the script while listening to the album. I suppose someone could make some kind of subtitled slideshow version of the album, but as the album is still in print (and tends to get reissued every few years), I’d rather that people didn’t do that. At least, not using my translation. And anyway, I’m sure how enthralling THAT would be, either. It’s just not a terribly interesting album.

But anyway, here it is. At least now you KNOW that it’s not very good, and as Isamu always sez, “a hundred travel books aren’t worth a real trip.”

(Oh, and I’ve also added it back into the ’80s “Further Reading” post.)

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