Delta and the Ring

Freyja Scared

Look, I don’t know how much Delta is connected to Richard Wagner’s opera (sorry, I mean MUSIC DRAMA) series, “Der Ring Des Nibelungen” (“The Ring of the Nibelung”) is, except that a lot of the names are certainly the same. And there might be some interest in that Siegfried is a dragon (Draken) slayer… Other than that, I dunno. It might mean everything (doubtful), and it might mean nothing (also doubtful). I mean, you’d think that the goddess Freyja, who protects the gods by growing apples must mean SOMETHING, right? RIGHT…?

Anyway, if you don’t know “The Ring” all that well (and honestly, most people don’t, and that’s fine. Me, I watched the version from the Met in the late ’80s when I was in high school and fell in love with it, but I know I’m weird… indeed, one of my friends tuned in briefly to “Die Walkure,” then tuned out for over an hour, and tuned back in, only to discover that the only two characters on stage were STILL in the same place… I’d been watching enraptured the entire time), Anna Russell’s parody version is, all things considered, not a bad introduction. At least she provides some of the most important leitmotifs (theme songs) as well as a pretty accurate overview of the four works. If you wish to dig deeper (and I hope you do… as Ms. Russell always sez… It’s a magnificent work, supposing you can make any sense out of it… which YOU, as someone who understands fantasy lit better than Ms. Russell did, undoubtedly can), I’d recommend the Sir Georg Solti recordings plus the Phaiton Books librettos (lyric books). (All available on Amazon.)

At least, that’s what I use for my occasional Ring revisitations.

(Seriously, it’s better if you HEAR it rather than SEE it. Have you seen the average Brunhilde…?)

But, at least, here’s Anna Russell. Her deal was that she initially wanted to become an opera singer, but her voice wasn’t strong enough. However, she found she had a gift for comedy (and her Ring analysis is the best of of her work, but not the ONLY great work), and went that route instead.

I hope you’ll laugh (I wouldn’t actually have expected anyone who wasn’t a Wagner expert to enjoy it, until, quite recently (last week), some non-Wagnerians told me they liked it), and at the very, VERY least, you’ll notice quite a few Delta names here (and make of that what you will. I claim no responsibility for any fan-theories that come out of this, if any).

(And yeah… I getcha… some of the jokes, like “My Friend Erda” and “a regular Li’l Abner type” are outdated. Look ’em up.)

(Oh… a couple of things… first, I miss Ms. Russell’s old joke about the Rhinemaidens: “Or sometimes they’re called Nixies. Dazy Nix and Dozey Nix and Little Nixie Didy.” As well as that she doesn’t doesn’t mention that renouncing love doesn’t mean renouncing sex, which is why Hagan can be Alberich’s son. That’s kind of important.)

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