About Macross Delta Vol. 1 – Girl of Al Shahal

Delta Book 1

So… a nice gift arrived at my place a couple of days ago, the first Macross Delta novel, “Girl of Al Shahal,” by the prolific Ukyou Kodachi. Now, Mr. Kodachi started off as an outside contractor, but incredibly worked his way into the “inner circle,” as it were. His first work with Satelight Animation was his two-volume novelization of Basquash, which I haven’t read. Then, probably on that basis, he was chosen to write the Frontier novelizations. During this project, not only did he end up writing WAY MORE than is in the show (the novels are chock-full of scenes that aren’t in the series, featuring PLENTY of characters who never even show up there, like Max and Exsedol and Kim and Aegis Focker, AND he managed to write not one but TWO books of Frontier-related short stories), but he did it very quickly. As such, he’s been the “go-to” guy for a while when they need a new Macross story (that is, he wrote Macross the Ride and Macross 30), as well as being the continuity expert on Delta and the scriptwriter of Delta Episode 8. Seriously, the guy knows his Macross. Better than you or I.

Now… this book was originally announced for June, so I’m not sure why it didn’t appear until August. Either way, it’s in my hands now, and I’m trying to make my way through it as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, Mr. Kodachi has amply demonstrated that he can WRITE much faster than I can TRANSLATE, so we’ll see how it goes.

Anyway, I’ll have a taste of the book for you soon. I refuse to abandon my translation of the Do You Remember Love novel for this, but I really want to do this, too, so I’m left in the uncomfortable position of working on two novels at the same time. Well… uncomfortable for ME, since this isn’t how I generally like to work.

The first Delta novel is roughly the same length, page-wise, as the Do You Remember Love novel, although the Delta font-size is a little bigger, so I think it has fewer words than the earlier book.

I dunno. Either way I go, I know that SOMEONE’s gonna be upset that their favorite novelization isn’t moving fast enough. And I’m really anal about FINISHING projects that I start on (no matter how long it takes). At this point, my solution is to work on Do You Remember Love on the weekdays (and upload each chapter as I finish it) and work on Delta on the weekends (and upload whatever I’ve got in-between DYRL chapters). If you’ve got a better idea, please tell me in the comments. On the one hand, yes, I can only work on the stuff that moves me (if I try to work on something I’m not into, it’s a SERIOUS struggle and takes forever… witness how long it took to finish that damn Misa drama album… and I only finished THAT because I asked a Japanese friend to please write out the remainder of the album when I could literally go no further (which, luckily, was only a few minutes from the end)). On the other, you’re the audience, and should have at least SOME say in what I’m doing.

(Of course, there are a couple of idiot Robotech fans who have insisted that I’m just translating “comics” here but, yeah, that’s not the case. These are novels… y’know, PROSE. Unillustrated (mostly). It takes longer to finish a page. A manga page could take me just a few minutes to translate, but a novel page generally takes me at least half an hour. I think they just don’t realize that, hey, western media isn’t the ONLY one that has novelizations. And I don’t think it has even entered their heads that those novelizations could be worth reading.)

So… if I do both at the same time, is that okay? Even if it means it’ll take a lot longer for either to be finished (if they DO get finished, of course. Not a given…)? Or would you rather I focus on one and screw the other? (If that’s the deal, it’ll still take a bit of time to implement, since I have committed myself to Do You Remember Love Part I (the first five chapters, sixty-some-odd pages) AND Delta Chapter 1 (forty-some-odd pages).

If it makes any difference… at this point, I find Delta somewhat easier, but Do You Remember Love feels more rewarding. At this point…

So, yeah… let me know. If you don’t care about the novels at all, also let me know. Many of my best friends don’t. Thanks!

7 thoughts on “About Macross Delta Vol. 1 – Girl of Al Shahal

  1. Work on DYRL and Delta using the schedule you mentioned. I think you’ll adjust your schedule from one to the other based on whichever one you’re more into at the moment. If you’re committed to both, just make sure one gets a minimum of 25% time.


  2. 1 Macross Chapter DYRL done and then 1 Macross chapter Delta done;
    rinse, repeat. Looks like a a solid year of Mega-Macross good reading!
    Thank you so much!

    You go, Gubaba!


    1. It wouldn’t quite shake out like that… DYRL is twenty-two chapters, Delta is only five.

      And you’re WAY overestimating me if you think I can finish both books in only a year…


  3. Personally I would prefer to read the DYRL which you have already started. But if you feel like doing Delta I’d be happy too. However you feel best.


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