TRANSLATION UPDATE: Delta Vol. 1 – The Girl of Al Shahal

Excuses, excuses

Best laid plans, and that that… as of last Sunday, I’d made a bit of headway into the Delta novel. Not much, but it was a start. The first chapter is nearly forty pages, and on books like this, I can generally average a page a day if I keep at it regularly. So I really THOUGHT that I could do ten pages or so, and put them up here today, as a sort of appetizer. Then I would do a little more over the next week, get roughly halfway through the first chapter, go back to DYRL for a bit, then spend a couple of weeks in September finishing up the first Delta chapter.

Well, as you can see, it didn’t work out like that.

A bit of backstory first: the first full translation that I did, the book “My Fair Minmay,” was a little misleading for me, since it was both (relatively) easy and (greatly) rewarding, with something interesting on nearly every page. That is, it was FUN. I always really looked forward to the end of the work day, going to the coffee shop, and hacking away at it for an hour or two. I say it was misleading, though, because everything since then has either not been easy or not been rewarding (the Misa novella, for example, was intensely rewarding, but REALLY hard. “The Lost Two Years” was pretty easy, but not especially interesting – and actively irritating at times. And the Misa drama album was both really hard and really boring).

Until now.

That’s right, for the first time in YEARS, this is a work that I’m finding FUN. And so, no, I didn’t finish those ten pages. I finished more than twenty. If I keep my nose to the grindstone, I can finish Chapter One by next week. So rather than deliver it in installments, I figured I’d wait and put up the whole chapter at once.

Now, maybe it will stay easy, or maybe it will suddenly get difficult. Who knows? Either way, I’ll upload what I have next Sunday.

After I finish Delta Chapter One, it’s back to DYRL.

I still don’t think all of the Delta novel will be finished this year, but if I can do it all this quickly, it’ll definitely be less of a distraction from DYRL than I was fearing. I mean, either way, I was going to spend two weeks here on the Delta book, and if I can do forty pages without breaking (much of) a sweat, when I had expected that I would only, with great effort, be able to do twenty…? This is very good news!

And hey, if Ukyou Kodachi’s other Macross novels are as easy and breezy (and Japanese-y) as this, I suddenly find myself looking FORWARD to tackling the eight (!!!) volumes of Frontier, rather than slightly dreading it, as I had been.

So yeah, sorry I don’t have anything this week, but if all goes well, I’ll have way more next week than I had planned. Gori-gori!

One thought on “TRANSLATION UPDATE: Delta Vol. 1 – The Girl of Al Shahal

  1. I’ve only spent about 24 hours total translating a short story that Kodachi did for Frontier, but I do remember it being quite fun. Unfortunately, I kept being distracted from the series novels, such that I’m still halfway through the second one. Delta’s got me wanting to start ploughing through them again…but I might just skip to the Delta novels, because it’s Freyja’s voice that I really want to read more of! ^^

    In any case, looking forward to seeing the entire chapter!


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