Well, definitely a lot more is happening here, although (as they said on the Macross SpeakerPODcast) the “trial” seemed to take a little too long.

Whatever. At this point, with plenty of plot threads seeming no closer to being resolved than they were last week, I’m guessing that the end of this series will NOT be the last we’ll see of Delta. I don’t have any special insider knowledge (I haven’t even heard any hints) but I’m guessing that after the final episode we’ll be getting SOME kind of announcement of a follow-up (movie? Second series? Who knows?). Indeed, I think I’d prefer it if the series ended on a massive cliffhanger with the promise that more will be coming in a year or so.

As always, I could very easily be wrong and maybe they CAN wrap all of this up in the next forty-five or fifty minutes, but that seems less and less likely.

That said, it does seem like perhaps the lines are drawn for a big battle. On the one side, you have Xaos with a drastically weakened Walküre. On the other, you have Roid with a very powerful Mikumo, and presumably the Aerial Knights, although I’m not sure they’re going to STAY on Roid’s side (does anyone else think that Roid might just go “MAD! MAD WITH POWER!!” and Heinz is actually going to have to try to stop Mikumo…?).

The most interesting aspect, to me, is Walküre. Just as Delta Flight entered Episode 13’s battle of Ragna without their MVP, Messer, we have an analogous situation her with the Tactical Sound Unit. We’ve heard plenty of times (and saw, in the flashback episode) that Walküre without Mikumo is not terribly effective. The fact that Makina is also (temporarily, I’m sure) out of the picture just hammers the message home: unless Freyja can tap her full potential, Walküre is next to useless. But Freyja tapping her full potential could kill her, or at least considerably shorten her life.

So yeah, I really have no clue how many of the loose ends will be tied up by the end, or which ones, but one thing that I really AM expecting is a lot of action. The most recent episodes haven’t been skimpy on animation quality, exactly (I can’t think of a single episode of this show where the animation has been BAD, although 19 certainly had its share of still shots), but they have been rather low-key, which I always assume means a big, big, battle is coming up. It may start next episode, or it may be delayed until the final one, but I’m pretty sure it’s coming. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking? We’ll know soon.


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