COUNTDOWN TO THE END!! (Delta Ep. 25) – And a Note About Fansubs


Well, that’s one major plot point out of the way… At least now we know that Hayate’s dad was actually a good guy. We also know that he’s the one that found the genetic material that became Mikumo, thus making her, in a way sort of like Hayate’s sister. And he gave Freyja her mp3 player. We also get some STRONG hints about the identity of Lady M (but see the PS below).

And it really does feel like we’re at the climax now, although it seems like twenty-three or so more minutes really isn’t enough time to bring it all to a satisfying conclusion. As always, we’ll see. I will say, though, that the final sequence in this episode literally made me gasp.

And I dunno, more and more people seem to be bashing this series, but I have to admit that I’m still really enjoying it. But again, it seems like a certain anxiety takes over (and I admit I’m not immune) when a show like this is coming to an end. There was this kind of hand-wringing over Frontier, too, and many other series I’ve watched (I think Shirobako alone may have been exempt… or maybe it was just because I wasn’t really checking to see what anyone else was saying about it).

Anyway, as I said, we’ll see how next week goes. Either way, it’s been a fun journey so far.

(Oh, and PS: because of throwing in a stupid and uncalled-for “TL note” in this episode, it’s come out that many people seemed to think the fansubs we’ve been getting are somehow official. They’re not. The fansubbers don’t know any more about what’s going to happen next week than you or I. Now, Lady M could indeed be Minmay, or maybe not. We don’t know yet. I’m reluctant to criticize GG Subs too harshly, since one of my good friends has done work for them, and I’m reluctant to throw her under the bus. But GG has never pretended to any standard of excellence, and their work throughout is riddled with errors, made worse by tossing in deliberate jokes and meme references in seemingly every place they can. After I ranted a bit about this in a couple of Facebook groups recently, my friend who had worked with them contacted me, convinced that pretty much everyone knew that the subs weren’t entirely serious… but I don’t share that view. Certainly, a few people expressed some dismay, and one guy even seemed to be challenging me about it. All I can say is, compare GG’s subs to the official ones, or to my translation of the novel.

For me, the most interesting aspect is how times change: when GG was doing Frontier back in 2008, no one expected their work to be terribly good, since it showed up a day or so after airing. Compromises must be made, thorny translations problems have to be plowed through, and the results showed. The most anyone was expecting was a somewhat clearer understanding than one would get watching it raw. But now with official releases showing up on Crunchyroll or Funimation or Daisuki, I think fans are expecting more from speedsubs than any of the amateur speedsub groups can provide. The good news in Delta’s case is that there are excellent official subs on the DVDs and BDs that deserve your cash. The bad news is that it’ll be six more months before the series will have been released in full. But it’s totally worth the wait, and (again) worth the money.

And that brings up another odd wrinkle here… it used to be that a lot of fans shunned official versions in favor of fansubs. Often, the rationale was that the fansubs were, y’know, done by FANS, whereas the official versions were done by “professionals” who had little to no real knowledge of or affinity towards whatever series they were working on. This is an odd wrinkle because here, it’s reversed: my friend who worked for GG (who, as I said, contacted me after my rant) revealed that she stopped working on the Delta subs a couple of episodes ago, and that there wasn’t anyone left in the translation group who really knew or cared anything about Macross. Whereas the official subs are done by hardcore, longtime Macross fans. Again, if you’re a Delta fan, go to Amazon and BUY THE DISCS. You won’t regret it!)


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