TRANSLATION: Do You Remember Love, Chapter 3


And Sukehiro Tomita’s novelization of Do You Remember Love continues to be a kind of fun-house mirror, telling the same story as the movie, but in a wildly different way. Again, just like in the movie, there’s a Minmay concert, there’s a Zentradi attack, and Skull Team launches to go out and fight… but none of these scenes are presented in the book the way they happen in the movie.

I suppose I should’ve figured something like this would be the case, since Tomita’s story in My Fair Minmay, about the Miss Macross Contest is likewise similar but totally not the same as the TV episode… an episode which he himself wrote (just as he wrote the script for Do You Remember Love).

Anyway, I for one am finding it fascinating, and I hope you do, too.


2 thoughts on “TRANSLATION: Do You Remember Love, Chapter 3

  1. Awesome work on this! I was surprised to see that Prometheus is the launching platform in a DYRL story. Was this novelisation before or after the movie was released?

    This and your work on Delta are reminding me of where the bug for Macross originally hit me – yes, those novels that were written for that “American version” of this story. As crazy as they seem to me now, the atmosphere of your own mind when reading a good book, is something very difficult to top. The connection it created with me as a young teen are with me to this day, and a huge reason for why I still love the series.


    1. The novel came out a bit over a month after the movie was released, so yeah… Your guess is as good as mine as to why it’s so different.

      One thing you might be wondering, though, is if the Prometheus is attached to the Macross here… What will Hikaru and Misa find on earth…?


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