Master List of All Translations

Super Dimension Fortress Macross (TV)

Before the Launch (Chapter 1 of the SDF Macross TV Novelization. Published in 1983. The rest of the book is verbatim from the TV series (or compresses it into near-incomprehensibility), so this is all I plan to translate from it. The story of what happened BEFORE Episode 1. The title, I should add, is my own invention.)

Dreaming Prelude ~My Fair Minmay~ (a book of new script-style stories covering the events of Episodes 8 through 12 from Minmay’s perspective. Published in 1983. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!)

Misa Hayase: White Reminiscences (An illustrated novella about Misa’s childhood and adolescence. Published in 1984. Includes a lot of information about Riber and about the Unification Wars. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!)

Macross Outside Story (From Macross Perfect Memory. Published in 1983. Features the first comprehensive Macross timeline, as well as “The Plundering Fleet” (about Global as a submarine captain, and the story from Episode 15 about him and Admiral Hayase pretending to be Anti-Unification forces and stealing rations), and “The Lost Two Years” (about what happened in the gap between Episodes 27 and 28).)

Macross Vol. III – Miss D.J. (The first Macross drama album, released in 1983. A broadcast of Minmay’s radio show, covering many events happening in the ship and including nearly all of the show’s main characters. And the advertisements are amazing.)

Macross Vol. IV – Distantly Fading Memories (The second Macross drama album. Released in 1983. Misa’s thoughts throughout the series, right up to the end of Episode 36. Features most of the main characters, and has some beautiful Kentaro Haneda piano music created specifically for this album. Er, of course, this is just a translation of the dialogue, not the actual album (which is still in print.))

Macross Vol. V – Macross Love (The second record of the fifth soundtrack (a two-record set), Rhapsody in Love. Released in 1983. A condensation of the TV series, focusing on the love story, with newly recorded vocals.)

Macross – Snow Falling in the Galaxy and its companion story, Macross – White Christmas (From the Macross Christmas album, Snow Falling in the Galaxy. Released in 1985. Features new music, as well as some new scenes featuring the Bridge Bunnies and Misa. The “companion story” is a short story by Noboru Ishiguro about the first Christmas aboard the Macross (NOT Episode 35) which was published as the liner notes for the album.)


Super Dimension Fortress Macross – Do You Remember Love?

(The official novelization of the movie, by the movie’s scriptwriter, Sukehiro Tomita. Published in 1984. VERY different from the film! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!)

Macross – Do You Remember Love? The Novelization – Part I

Macross – Do You Remember Love? The Novelization – Part II (IN PROGRESS – Update 6/03/18)


Super Dimension Fortress Macross the First (SYNOPSIS)

(The manga by Haruhiko Mikimoto, previously published in Macross Ace, Newtype Ace, and so on. Currently serialized here, but first published in 2009 (with some pages revised in 2018). This is just a synopsis, not a word-for-word translation.)

#1 – booby trap

#2 – lynn minmay

#3 – alone with

#4 – transformation

#5 – daidalos attack

#6 – quamzin kravshera

#7 – asteroid cracker


Macross Delta

Macross Delta Vol.1 – The Girl of Al Shahal

Macross Delta Vol.2 – The Aerial Knights (COMING SOON EVENTUALLY)

(The novelization of the Macross Delta series, by Ukyou Kodachi, who also worked on the show, and wrote the novels for Macross Frontier, Macross the Ride, and Macross 30. Published in 2016. Features characters and connections from previous Macross series that you might not expect.)

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