Well, now that all the blu-rays are out, to say nothing of the debut of a new Sheryl song (for the third Macross Frontier pachinko game), I guess it’s time to reactivate the Great Macross Rewatch, and finally cover one of the more controversial Macross shows (at least as far as Western fandom is concerned), MACROSS DELTA! So without further ado…

Delta Ep.0.89


BROADCAST DATE: December 31, 2015

Whoops! In my rush to get to Mission 01 of Delta, I completely forgot about doing the preview special… so I’m doing it now, but dating it to a week before the previous post. Sorry for any confusion!

So yeah, this was the little promo piece that led up to the broadcast of Mission 0.89, shown at six PM, New Year’s Eve 2015. Normally getting a prime six PM time slot would be very expensive, but since EVERYONE watches the annual “Red and White Music War” special on New Year’s, I’m sure the price was low. It’d be like running something against the Super Bowl.

In a nice throwback, the special is narrated by Sho Hayami, the voice of Max (and Marj… but no one cares about Marj. Heck, I’m sure at least a few people reading this are thinking “Who…?”).

Strangely, half of the special runs before the first episode of Delta, and half afterwards. At the beginning of the second half, they explain that the episode was numbered “Mission 0.89” because, naturally, only 89% of the episode is there. That is, the ending there isn’t the actual ending (as we all saw a few months later).

Overall, it’s much more respectful than either the similar pre-Macross 7 special or the pre-Macross Frontier special, relying not at all on celebrity guests who have never seen Macross before. It still covers much of the same ground, though, in explaining the history and importance of Macross. No surprises for you or I to be had here, although some people might be shocked by the description of the original Macross as being “SF x Love Comedy.”

At one point, Delta scriptwriter Toshizo Nemoto talks about seeing Macross 7 when he was in college and thinking, “What the hell is this? The Valkyrie has a mouth, there’s a guitar in the cockpit… what happened to the ‘Macross’ I watched as a kid?” I’m sure there are many who can relate, right?

(Also interesting that the scriptwriter for Delta, a series many old-school fans (in the west, at least) hate, is an old-school fan himself, isn’t it?)

In a lot of ways, the special is like a digest version of the “Making Of” specials that appear on each blu-ray disc. We see snippets of the trip to Dubai, Minori Suzuki’s audition, the women who choreograph (and perform) Walküre’s dancing, and the like.

Most interesting for me were the shots of the animators in Satelight’s office, since I know exactly where it is and have walked past it many times (it was on the way to the city hall where I paid my taxes and health insurance every month) but have never been inside.

And like all of these specials, it’s as much advertising as anything else, and I note with amusement that they mention on-screen that “Forbidden Borderline” is available on iTunes, and that Macross F is all on blu-ray… just, y’know, in case you felt like spending some money, right…?

But yeah, a nice little promo. Very professional, and with some cool behind the scenes stuff.

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