Delta Ep.6


ICONIC SCENE:It’s showtime!



1. Messer’s kind of being a passive-aggressive jerk at the start of this episode, calling in Chuck, Mirage, and Hayate for instruction, and then ignoring Hayate until Hayate pushes him for it. I know, I know, he’s just trying to make sure that Hayate cares enough, but it’s still kind of a dick move.

His instruction is to tell Hayate to shoot to kill, rather than try to spare the lives of the enemy pilots. Which is a nice little bit of symmetry with the end of the episode, where Hayate actually does kill someone.

It’s also interesting to note that stuff has definitely been going on between episodes, as Messer says for the last three battles, Hayate’s been targeting the enemy’s wings. Since his only real battle so far has been in Episode 4, clearly at least two more have taken place since. Likewise, in the next scene, we learn that three other planets have surrendered to Windermere.

2. And as usual, if Messer’s hard on Hayate, then Mikumo is hard on Freyja, here for having no life to her singing. Mikumo also seems fascinated by Heinz’s song of the wind… and, er, there’s a reason for that…

3. I think it’s interesting that when Makina scolds Hayate about how roughly he treats his VF-31, she’s echoing her ancestor, Old Man Nakajima from Macross Zero, who said virtually the same thing to Shin.

And it’s come to my attention that there are fans who don’t think Makina and Reina are a couple. I dunno… I mean, they never come out and SAY it, but it seems pretty blatant to me that they’re together.

4. I think this episode is where a lot of fans started getting interested in a possible Messer-Kaname romance, since she keeps inviting him out, and he keeps declining. And of course, it’s not to be.

5. The battle in this episode is one of the few space battles in this series, which happen about as infrequently as atmospheric battles did in Frontier. It’s definitely nice to see the VF-31s fitted with FAST packs (and sound boosters).

There’s an interesting bit when Hayate gets into his cockpit and starts up the ARIEL system, which, as far as I can tell, is an AI system first testing with the VF-19. All the info on that is contained in the VF-19 Master File book, and I like that they’re taking stuff from that (really cool) series of mecha books and adding it into the show.

6. After fighters get ready, Walküre’s stage rises and (as you can tell from my “iconic scene” here, I think there’s something really great about it. Mostly because of the music. It’s the track “Xaos,” which is on the first OST, and the shot of Walküre rising, seen from behind, with space as the backdrop, and THOSE DRUMS is really effective.

The staff must’ve thought so, too, since the scene later became a central part of the second opening title sequence.

7. The new song in this episode, “Walküre Attack,” which would later become the title of their first album (and which seems a rather unimaginative name) is the first one that I didn’t really like all that much. I later grew to love it, but I think it works better on the album than it does in this episode.

8. There’s also a strange visual component to the battle, with Delta Flight launching little balls that project film of Walküre on to the asteroids around them all. And I still don’t understand how, if the girls’ vocals only affect the Vár when performed live, how a concert broadcast over the radio can work. But somehow it does.

Most of the battle here is impressively done, but I have to laugh a bit when an Itano Circus of missile launching is shown (as it the first battle in Do You Remember Love) just on the radar screen.

And finally, Bogue lunges forward (using different animation than was used in Episode 1) and attack Walküre. Probably would’ve killed them, too had Hayate not kicked him out of the way.

9, We meet a new Aerial Knight, Sir Gura, who is the spitting image of Bellri, the hero of Gundam Reconguista in G. Hayate ends up (mostly accidentally) killing him.

And, let’s face it, the mecha pilot who makes his first kill and then is mired in guilt about it for the next ten episodes is kind of an anime cliché, isn’t it? Which is why I love it when Mirage goes to talk to him, and he agrees with what she’s saying and cheers back up immediately. Such a change from your average Gundam pilot!

10. The centerpiece of this episode is definitely the battle, and it’s done effectively and is actually rather beautiful.

And again, it feels like each episode is presented a discrete step in Hayate and Freyja’s education towards becoming real pros, and that’s continuing here, with Messer and Mikumo being harsher than ever.

The Windermerean mystery is also expanded a bit as Keith takes Heinz to Scarfell, to see the ruins left by the Dimension Eater that was detonated on Windermere. But more about that later.

OP: “If I Love Only Once”

ED: “When My Rune Shines Bright”

EYECATCH: VF-1EX (Hayate Type)


NUMBER OF TIMES BOGUE HAS LUNGED FORWARD: 2, although again, this uses different animation, so I’m not ENTIRELY sure it counts.


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