Delta Ep.18



ICONIC SCENE: The “Ranba Ral” scene.

STORY DATE: November 2067

BROADCAST DATE: July 31, 2016

1. We’re back on Voldor, but it’s quite a bit different, since the Protoculture structure has somehow been affecting the core of the planet and causing the climate to change. Is that true of all the planets with the ruins? What will happen if they’re not taken care of? And Kaname points out that the last time they were on the planet, Messer was with them.

2. She’s also worried about Hayate and Freyja working together, since they all just learned that Hayate’s father was the one who dropped the bomb. Honestly, though, Freyja doesn’t seem too concerned about that.

When Kaname presses Arad about Hayate’s father, he points out that all large organizations have skeletons in their closet. She asks if the same is true for him, and he more or less admits it, leaving her looking crushed. Is this the end of the Arad/Kaname ship…?

3. Kassim expresses misgiving about the current mission (much in line with the conversations he’s been having with Hermann), and Bogue insults him. I expected Hermann to come in and tell Bogue to knock it off, but he doesn’t. I guess he’s really taking the “I’m not your master anymore” thing to heart, but still… Bogue is being a little shit, and needs some disciplining.

4. Anyway, Kassim walks off and meets up with Freyja. He doesn’t attack because he says that he’s currently not a knight, but this is just a conceit. Quite frankly, I think he’s lonely and wants someone to talk to about something other than this war that he’s not sure he supports anymore. And he and Freyja discover that they lived relatively close to each other and knew plenty of the same people. And Kassim becomes the only other Windermerean we’ve heard to use Freyja’s term “gori-gori” (or, technically, “gori-delicious”).

5. When Hayate shows up, he gets subdued pretty quickly and they all have a fairly reasonable talk. The whole scene is highly reminiscent of the scene from First Gundam where Amuro meets Ranba Ral, except there’s no ambiguity here. Each one knows the other is an enemy. Still, Kassim offers to help Freyja go back to Windermere. Naturally, she refuses.

6. Mikumo approaches the Protoculture structure (temple…?) and gets an uneasy feeling, along with some quick, indistinct flashbacks. Then she starts singing “Giraffe Blues” ahead of schedule, resonating with the structure, forcing the rest of Walküre to hurry to reach her, and alerting the Aerial Knights.

7. Bogue, clearly trying to get vengeance for being called “cheap” last time, focuses on Reina and nearly gets her. Honestly, again, his rehabilitation was won me over by this point, but any goodwill on my part would vanish if he actually managed to kill any of the main characters.

8. Heinz starts singing and the Protoculture structure starts REALLY resonating. Walküre sings back, and things get very weird. Mikumo seems to have another flashback, Hayate starts going Vár, Freyja goes all wonky, bio-fold waves start spreading across the planet, synchronizing the brain waves of all the Voldorans, and ALL of the Protoculture systems start resonating with each other.

What all of this MEANS is left for later, but it’s made plain that something very big and very ominous has happened.

9. And just in case THAT isn’t enough, Mikumo mutters “Rudanjaar Rom Mayan,” starts singing as if possessed, and blows the entire structure up before collapsing herself.

Emphasizing that she’s probably not okay is the ending credit sequence, for the new song “LOVE THUNDER GLOW” (listed as “LOVE THUNDER GROW” during the broadcast), which is nothing but previous scenes of Mikumo, as if in memorium. Ominous indeed…

10. Well, it’s nice to get some Valk action again, and there are even a fair amount of gerwalk and battroid scenes here. The scene with Kassim is well-done and convincing. That last sequence with the battle, though… even having seen the rest of the series, it’s really strange and more than a little confusing. Roid has his key to controlling the entire globular cluster now, but that isn’t revealed yet. And the unhealthy resonance between Hayate and Freyja is about to get super-annoying.

OP: “Absolute Zero θ Novatic”


EYECATCH: Keith’s Draken III




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