TRANSLATION: Do You Remember Love, the Novelization – Part II, Chapter 3


And here‘s the next installment in my translation of Sukehiro Tomita’s Do You Remember Love novel. Thankfully, Hikaru isn’t in it, so he can’t be a total douchebag here.

And as always, if you missed Part I, it’s in this post.


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TRANSLATION: Do You Remember Love, the Novelization: Part One (Chapters 1-5)


You’ll notice that the file name for the latest upload is different than the previous ones… rather than “DYRL Ch.1-5,” it’s “DYRL Part One.” There’s a reason for that, and the reason is simply that the Do You Remember Love novelization is divided into several longish parts, and I’ve just finished the first one. So good news: I’ve hit the first big milestone in the novel. Bad news: I want to get halfway through Part Two before I start uploading it, and I haven’t even started yet.

So yeah, this will be the last Do You Remember Love upload for a few months. Part Two is the longest section of the book and will, I’m sure, take the longest time to translate.

Anyway, I’m going to keep my nose to the grindstone on it, so I hope to start uploading it by April or so.

Delta Chapter 3 is coming along as well, so that’ll be up soon, too.

TRANSLATION: Do You Remember Love, Chapter 4


Sorry it’s been so long since I updated… I planned to write something about Macross World Con a few weeks ago, but the fact I was moving the week after put pretty much all blog activities on hold, as I’m sure you can imagine. Still, here’s Chapter 4 of the official Do You Remember Love novelization.

Moreover, I’m a little behind on translation work, making it ever more likely that I’m going to have to take a month-or-so break from posting the Do You Remember Love translations after Chapter 5 (next month).

Anyway, you’ll note that the book continues to be different from the movie, although the fact that it’s telling the same story should be made clear in this chapter. Enjoy!

TRANSLATION: Do You Remember Love, Chapter 3


And Sukehiro Tomita’s novelization of Do You Remember Love continues to be a kind of fun-house mirror, telling the same story as the movie, but in a wildly different way. Again, just like in the movie, there’s a Minmay concert, there’s a Zentradi attack, and Skull Team launches to go out and fight… but none of these scenes are presented in the book the way they happen in the movie.

I suppose I should’ve figured something like this would be the case, since Tomita’s story in My Fair Minmay, about the Miss Macross Contest is likewise similar but totally not the same as the TV episode… an episode which he himself wrote (just as he wrote the script for Do You Remember Love).

Anyway, I for one am finding it fascinating, and I hope you do, too.