TRANSLATION: Macross Delta Vol. 1, Chapter 3

Girl of Al Shahal Chapter 3

And here it is, FINALLY: Macross Delta Vol. 1 – Chapters1-3, the novelization by Ukyo Kodachi. Yeah it’s been over a year since I posted the last one… I’ll try to stick to a more regular schedule now.

Anyway enjoy! And note the bizarre little cameo from a character you’d never expect to show up in Delta!


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TRANSLATION: Do You Remember Love, the Novelization: Part One (Chapters 1-5)


You’ll notice that the file name for the latest upload is different than the previous ones… rather than “DYRL Ch.1-5,” it’s “DYRL Part One.” There’s a reason for that, and the reason is simply that the Do You Remember Love novelization is divided into several longish parts, and I’ve just finished the first one. So good news: I’ve hit the first big milestone in the novel. Bad news: I want to get halfway through Part Two before I start uploading it, and I haven’t even started yet.

So yeah, this will be the last Do You Remember Love upload for a few months. Part Two is the longest section of the book and will, I’m sure, take the longest time to translate.

Anyway, I’m going to keep my nose to the grindstone on it, so I hope to start uploading it by April or so.

Delta Chapter 3 is coming along as well, so that’ll be up soon, too.

TRANSLATION: Do You Remember Love, Chapter 4


Sorry it’s been so long since I updated… I planned to write something about Macross World Con a few weeks ago, but the fact I was moving the week after put pretty much all blog activities on hold, as I’m sure you can imagine. Still, here’s Chapter 4 of the official Do You Remember Love novelization.

Moreover, I’m a little behind on translation work, making it ever more likely that I’m going to have to take a month-or-so break from posting the Do You Remember Love translations after Chapter 5 (next month).

Anyway, you’ll note that the book continues to be different from the movie, although the fact that it’s telling the same story should be made clear in this chapter. Enjoy!

TRANSLATION: Do You Remember Love, Chapter 3


And Sukehiro Tomita’s novelization of Do You Remember Love continues to be a kind of fun-house mirror, telling the same story as the movie, but in a wildly different way. Again, just like in the movie, there’s a Minmay concert, there’s a Zentradi attack, and Skull Team launches to go out and fight… but none of these scenes are presented in the book the way they happen in the movie.

I suppose I should’ve figured something like this would be the case, since Tomita’s story in My Fair Minmay, about the Miss Macross Contest is likewise similar but totally not the same as the TV episode… an episode which he himself wrote (just as he wrote the script for Do You Remember Love).

Anyway, I for one am finding it fascinating, and I hope you do, too.

TRANSLATION: Macross Delta Vol. 1, Chapter 2


Well, this, the translation of Chapter Two of Ukyou Kodachi’s Macross Delta novel, The Girl of Al Shahal, look a little longer than I thought… for me, writing (and ESPECIALLY translating) is a lot like going to the gym… if I overdo it one day, it takes a few days to recover. And boy, did I ever overdo it in trying to get this done by the time the final episode aired.

So yeah, I didn’t make my self-imposed deadline, but it’s done now, and might help you to recover a bit from Post-Delta-Depression.

I literally finished the chapter about half an hour ago, so I haven’t proofread it or anything. I’m sure there are tons of typos that I’ll find as I go over it more over the next few days. They should corrected by the time I finish Chapter Three, whenever that may be (I’m guessing sometime in November).

Anyway, enjoy!

Forget Everything You Know About “Do You Remember Love”!! (Translation: Chapter 2)


As I said last week, this is a short chapter (not the shortest in the book, but close). However, it’s also the one that will give you an idea of just how different the book is from the movie. I’ll leave the surprises for you to discover, and just point out again that the book’s author, Sukehiro Tomita, was also the movie’s scriptwriter, so any differences here must be deliberate on his part.

And again, for me, seeing these differences is one of the most interesting things about a book like this. So far, it’s almost like it’s the same story, but re-worked from the ground up. And although the book was initially published in September of 1984 (September Eleventh, no less), it’s a re-working that has, until now, been pretty much unavailable to monolingual English-speaking fans. That’s kind of exciting, right?

As I write this, I’m over halfway through Chapter 4, so I’m a little bit ahead of you, but not by much (fair warning: I may take a month or so off from uploading – not translating – the chapters after I put up Chapter 5, just to get myself a little more breathing room), and yeah… the re-working continues. Not a single line of dialogue is the same, and while some of the same events happen (like here, where Skull Team launches), they happen in a totally different way.

So yeah, exciting!

Also interesting (maybe): visits to this blog took a sudden huge jump a couple of days ago, as someone (and I swear it wasn’t me) posted a link to the Delta novel translation on 4chan. According to the discussion there, it seems like a lot of people found Hayate to be rather creepy, which I’m not sure is the novel’s intent… I mean, sure, he’s ATTRACTED to Freyja, but I don’t think it’s meant to be in a “weird” way. I’m not sure there’s any way to tweak the translation to convey that, though… I dunno. People will read into it what they want to, and I think that my job as the translator is not to editorialize, but just to produce a clear, readable, and most of all faithful version of the book.

One thing that DID kinda bother me, though, was in some discussion on Animesuki, where one person said that I had said that Chapter 2 would be uploaded in two weeks. Not true. What I actually said was that I’ll probably be GETTING TO Chapter 2 in two weeks… that is, I’ll probably be STARTING translating it then. I don’t think it’ll be DONE until the end of this month, and that’s at the VERY EARLIEST. If I can finish it before the series ends, I’ll be (happily) surprised. My goal is to get it uploaded before Macross Con in October, but I’m not totally confident I’ll make it. We’ll see.

Anyway, I’d again like to thank everyone who read it, and especially the people who commented about it, either here or elsewhere. One Anon in particular had some pretty funny observations about certain lines (“Wow, ok. Control your boner, Hayate”), whereas another was certain that translation was fake, because it said that Mirage was beautiful and that her hair was the color of fire. And yeah, that line kinda seemed odd to me, too, but that is indeed what it says.

So yeah, thanks again to all of you, and now I’m heading back to DYRL Chapter 4…

TRANSLATION: Macross Delta Vol. 1 Chapter 1

Girl of Al Shahal Chapter 1

At the end of the Delta novel, there’s an interview with Minori Suzuki (which I might translate when I get to it) in which the interviewer asks her what she thought of the novel. She says that she enjoyed reading it, because she kept having revelations like, “Oh, THAT’S why Hayate did that…” or “So THAT’S what Mirage was thinking then!” At the end of the interview, she exhorts the reader to keep reading the books, saying, “Let’s all become ‘Delta Masters’ together!” The good news here is that you can begin your journey towards Delta Mastery TODAY!

Finally, after two weeks of working on it, here’s the rough draft of Chapter 1 of Macross Delta Volume 1 by Ukyou Kodachi. I could go on and on about the differences between the show and the novelization, but, I mean, the chapter is RIGHT HERE. You can read it and see for yourself.

That said, I think a few explanations are in order: first, you’ll notice immediately that Freyja (whose name, you’ll notice, never gets mentioned in this chapter) talks kinda funny. It only partially comes through in the subtitles (both fansubs and official) but in Japanese, she speaks with an accent. A made-up accent with some similarities to the dialect from the island of Kyushu. By all accounts, this makes her sound like a country bumpkin. To that end, I’ve given her an accent here which is meant to be suggestive of a Southern US accent without actually BEING a Southern US accent. Anyway, I’m no Mark Twain, so trying to write in “full dialect” is beyond my ability. You have to have a diamond ear to catch all the nuances of a real accent, and a diamond pen to be able to transfer them legibly into prose. So yeah, just a few reliable changes (like dropping her “g”s at the end of words), plus some “hick” vocabulary thrown in. I think it turned out okay, but it may be distracting at first, since that aspect of Freyja, as I said, didn’t really make it into the subs much, although I for one think it’s pretty central to who she is as a character.

The second issue is Hayate’s “voice,” which I’m not sure I’ve really captured yet. Although Hayate isn’t the narrator, it is definitely told from his perspective (note, for example, that any scene from the TV episode where he’s NOT present doesn’t appear in the chapter), and the narration has a casual, slightly slangy tone. I’ve tried to reproduce this in English, but again, it doesn’t QUITE “feel” like Hayate to me yet. I mean, “casual but authoritative” is basically my Macross Rewatch blog voice… which isn’t QUITE Hayate. That’s the main reason I’m calling this a rough draft: as I get further in the book, I’m sure I’ll hit upon how Hayate would say certain things if he were speaking in English, and then I can go back and revise. Right now, I think it’s… okay… but I’m hoping to really nail it before I’m done.

Third, there’s the dialogue. Weirdly, at the beginning of the chapter, the dialogue is not the same as the TV episode. Everyone’s saying stuff that MEANS the same things (like the foreman chastising Hayate for slacking off), but using different words. For these conversations, I felt free to translate them however seemed best to me. However, as the chapter continues, the dialogue starts becoming word-for-word the same as the show. For these lines, I simply used the translation from the official subs, changing things only to reflect Freyja’s accent and to smooth things out if there was extra dialogue in the book (and sometimes there is). And taking Sketchley’s oft-said point, I used “emigration fleet” instead of the subtitles’ “immigration fleet.” I’m sure he’ll be thrilled.

Last, as always, I’m pretty sure there are some small flubs in here. At the VERY least, there are some sentences that I didn’t quite understand, and am not confident about in the translation. Mea culpa, and caveat emptor.

So, anyway, here it is. As I said last week, it was fun to do, and I’m happy that it went so quickly, and that it’s getting posted here so soon. I’m currently back to working on the Do You Remember Love novel, but I should be getting to Delta Chapter 2 in the next week or two, depending. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you keep reading to the end! After all, we don’t want to disappoint Minori-chan, do we…?

NEXT WEEK: MORE DO YOU REMEMBER LOVE? (It’s a short chapter, so don’t get too excited…)

Do You Remember Love – The Novelization (Chapter 1)


Okay… so here’s my translation of the first chapter of the Do You Remember Love novelization, by movie scriptwriter Sukehiro Tomita. You’ll note that nothing that is related here actually happens in the movie, which is one of the main things that I like about the book. I finished Chapter 3 last week, and so far, NOTHING in the book is a scene from the movie. It’s almost like Tomita used deleted and unused scenes to tell the same story as the film. So far, at least.

And yeah, as I said, I’m only up to Chapter 3. There are twenty-two chapters total in the book, and they vary widely in the length. The shortest is three pages, the longest is twenty-five pages. I will TRY to upload one chapter per month, and more if I get well ahead of the game, but no promises. For one reason or another, I also might not be able to finish the book, so it would probably be best if you viewed each uploaded chapter as my final one. All I can say is that so far, it’s turning out to be a pretty interesting read, and I think it’s worthwhile to do the whole book.

That said, the first Macross Delta novel should be arriving at my place soon, and I’m going to be translating chapters of that between chapters of this. So yeah… this book will take AT LEAST two years to finish, if I even finish it. Me, I’m trying not to look that far ahead. I’m dancing as fast as I can. Really.


Macross Love

This one is probably superfluous, but again, was a “translation” that I started way back in 2009 and picked up and completed a few months ago. It’s (most of) the second disc on Super Dimension Fortress Macross Vol. V: Rhapsody in Love/Macross Love, and was also released later as its own album. It tries to boil down the Macross TV series to forty-five minutes, and is pretty incoherent as a result, seeming more like a collection of unrelated scenes than an actual story.

The process of “translating” it was boring rather than difficult: I figured out where every scene was located in the series, and then pasted the subtitles in to MS Word, and formatted it. There are only two new lines in the whole thing (can YOU figure out where they are…?).

Probably the most interesting part on the album is the CD bonus track: an interview with some of the cast members, but I honestly find commentary tracks like that to be MUCH too difficult to translate, so I didn’t attempt it. Maybe someday, but probably not.

So yeah, with this done now, I’ve finished all of the ’80s material related to the TV series that I’m probably going to do. There is still the novelization trilogy, but as I’ve explained elsewhere, it’s really not very good, and I found the process of working on them pretty unsatisfying. There’s nothing “new” or terribly interesting in them beyond the first chapter, anyway, which I have completed.

So yeah, my next project… I feel pretty intimidated by this, since it’s the most ambitious project I’ve yet started, but I began working on the novelization of Do You Remember Love a while back. It’s slow going, but pretty interesting, since (so far, at least) nothing that happens in the book happened in the movie. I’m sure that will change it goes on, but glancing ahead, it seems like there are enough difference between the two versions that I’m really excited about it. We’ll see how it goes.

I tend not to like to upload works until they’re complete, but in order to keep this blog going, I’m probably going to put chapters up as I finish them. These will necessarily be rough drafts, and I’ll continue to revise earlier chapters as I go on. Anyway, expect the first chapter next month.